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How to Add and Remove Gridlines in Excel Chart

how to add and remove gridlines in excel chart

In the ever-expanding universe of data-driven decision-making, Excel charts stand as celestial bodies illuminating our path. Among the celestial elements of these charts, gridlines play a pivotal role in guiding our understanding of the data constellations.

In this step-by-step guide, we will unravel the mysteries of adding and removing gridlines in Excel charts, equipping you with the power to shape your data visualizations with precision.

What Are Gridlines in Excel Charts?

Gridlines in Excel charts are horizontal and vertical lines that form a grid-like structure on the chart’s plot area. These lines serve as visual aids, helping users interpret and analyze data points more effectively. There are two main types of gridlines: major and minor.

How to add and remove gridlines in excel - major gridlines vs minor gridlines

Infographic major gridlines and minor gridlines. Image Credit: Ajelix

Major gridlines are the bold strokes that help us discern primary data points, akin to the main roads on a map. On the other hand, minor gridlines, akin to the intricate alleys of a city, offer a finer level of detail, aiding in precise interpretation.

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Adding Gridlines to an Excel Chart

Now, let’s equip ourselves with the tools to embellish our Excel chart with these guiding lines. Here’s how you can add major and minor gridlines:

How To Add Major Gridlines?

Step 1: Begin by selecting the chart you want to enhance with major gridlines.

Step 2: Navigate to the Chart Elements (+) button, typically situated on the chart’s periphery.

Step 3: Check the box labeled “Major Gridlines,” and voila! Your chart is now adorned with prominent guides to steer your data expedition.

How to add major gridlines in excel - step by step

Step-by-step picture showing how to add major horizontal gridline in a chart. Image Credit: Ajelix

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How To Add Minor Gridlines?

Step 1: As before, select the chart that beckons for minor gridlines.

Step 2: Head over to the Chart Elements (+) button, your gateway to chart customization.

Step 3: This time, cast your gaze upon the “Minor Gridlines” box. Give it a click to activate the subtle yet vital network of guides.

How to add minor gridline in excel chart

Steps on how to add minor vertical gridlines in Excel chart. Image Credit: Ajelix

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Removing Gridlines from an Excel Chart

The journey is not just about adding but also knowing how to subtract. Removing gridlines, when they become superfluous or distracting, is equally essential. Here’s how to do it:

How To Remove Major Gridlines?

Step 1: Select the chart that’s adorned with major gridlines.

Step 2: Journey to the Chart Elements (+) button, as we’ve done before.

How to remove major gridlines in excel chart

Screenshot from Excel with steps on how to remove major horizontal gridlines. Image Credit: Ajelix

Step 3: Now, it’s time to uncheck the “Major Gridlines” box. Watch as the bold guides gracefully exit the stage, leaving your data to shine without obstruction.

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How To Remove Minor Gridlines?

Step 1: Once again, select the chart from which you wish to part with minor gridlines.

Step 2: Reach for the Chart Elements (+) button.

how to remove minor gridlines in excel chart - guide

Remove minor horizontal gridlines from Excel chart. Image Credit: Ajelix

Step 3: This time, uncheck the “Minor Gridlines” box, and with a subtle click, the intricate guides retreat, letting your data breathe freely.

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Chart Creation With Automatic Data Visualization

Crafting reports and designing charts within Excel spreadsheets can be a daunting task, especially if it’s not your favorite pastime. Utilizing Microsoft Excel effectively often demands specialized training. Familiarizing yourself with its intricate details and the art of incorporating specific elements can be time-consuming, and scouring the internet for instructional guides only adds to the effort.

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Automatic reporting with Ajelix data visualization tool. Image Credit: Ajelix

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Here’s just one of the ways why create charts in Excel:

Excel vs. Ajelix BI: Mastering Double Line Charts - Tutorial by Ajelix #excel #tips #guide #tutorial

Create a double line chart in Excel vs. Ajelix Bi comparison. Video Credit: Ajelix


In conclusion, gridlines in Excel charts are the unsung heroes of data visualization. They provide structure, clarity, and aesthetics to your data narratives. Armed with the knowledge of adding, removing, customizing, and using gridlines effectively, you are now equipped to embark on your data visualization odyssey. Remember, the power of gridlines lies not just in their existence but in their judicious application. So, go forth and chart your data’s destiny with confidence and finesse.

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