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Excel Services & Excel Help & Professional Consultancy Services

We turn complex tasks into simple procedures enabling companies to quickly and accurately repeat processes that conserve time, money, and effort. Learn how Excel Services can help your business grow.

Reduce Costs. Improve Efficiency. Automate manual processes. Save time. Prevent errors. Fix bugs. Avoid manual data entry mistakes. Optimize. Automate Excel.

These are only few things Excel can do.

Based on research 98% of respondents have seen an Excel error cost their employers money. 1% have seen an Excel error cost their employer more than £1m.*

Explore the World of Excel with Ajelix and learn what Excel can do for your business.

Automate Excel and Improve Your Business Processes with Excel Services.

Our Excel Services will help you find the right solutions to your business needs. Explore the world of Excel automation below and contact us for a call to discuss your needs.
Excel VBA and macros - Excel Services - Automate processes illustration

VBA Script Writing and Excel Macro Creation

Based on a Acuity Training survey 57% of respondents rate their skills as intermediate. This means they can visualize data, and use filters, conditional formatting, and basic formulas.

Our team’s Excel expertise is above Expert level and if needed we could build our own Excel. The knowledge base helps us to show you the possibilities and offer unique solutions to your business.

VBA script (Excel Macro) is a powerful tool that allows us to automate manual tasks and save hours of your work. With VBA script we can create custom user-generated functions that speed up your processes and save you time. Read our article and learn how Excel Macros can help you automate your spreadsheet.

Get data in your spreadsheet - Excel Services - And consultancy - illustration with data

Scrap Data in Your Excel Workbook

Manual data entry has an error of 4%, is 400 mistakes per 100’000 entries. *Reveal Opin Systems Research
Looking for a way to import data from a website into a spreadsheet or local file? Data Scraping is a perfect way to avoid manual data entry and prevent human errors. This solution is one of the most efficient ways to get data from the web, and in some cases to channel that data to another website. With our knowledge we can create formula that will easily import data from a website into a spreadsheet or local file.
Excel Services - create excel formulas for your spreadsheets - illustrations about formulas

Create Customized Excel Formulas To Automate Manual Work

Custom formulas are the perfect solution for businesses that want to solve their problems quickly and easily. We can create unique formulas that don’t exist in Excel. Formulas will solve your problems and save you time. You can also use our Excel Formula Generator to create your own formulas. Or visit our Excel formula library for guidelines and examples.

Dynamic reports for your excel spreadsheets - excel services help and consultancy - illustration

Create Dynamic Reports in Excel

Our Excel services will help you automate your spreadsheets with dynamic reporting.

Dynamic reports are the best way to keep up with the ever-changing world of business. With these reports, you’ll always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. Pivot charts and power query paints the big picture of your data, while KPIs help you make sense of it all. Custom data range, year-to-date calculations, and filters keep you focused on the information that matters, while slicers let you slice and dice your data with ease. Learn more about our Dynamic Report building services.

Integrate excel with other platforms - excel consultancy - illustration with the boy

Integrate Your Excel Data With Other Platforms

40% of respondents said that current data integration solutions are getting too expensive. 15% admitted that data inconsistency between applications concerns them. 18% are concerned about integrating data for business intelligence and analytics. *IBM Unified Governance & Integration research

Data Integration is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with other enterprise systems and transfer data between different programs. Data Integration can be done without huge system investments and improves data consistency between applications. You can load miscellaneous data from your source app to your Excel workbook, schedule data loads via APIs to Excel, and more.

Automate excel reports and invoices - illustration with boy and data

Automate Excel Templates and Create Dynamic Invoices

Automate your Excel spreadsheet and eliminate manual invoice writing with automated Excel templates.

Don’t waste time on manual work, automate repetitive tasks, and get more done with a personalized solution for your business. Build workbooks that are consistent, avoid manual errors, and focus on what really matters. Reduce time with an automated solution that’s built for your business. Automated templates can save you time and help generate ready-to-use solutions (e.g., invoices). Did you know that we have created AI Template Generator?

audit and spreadsheet bug fixing - illustration about bugs

Order Excel Audit and Fix Bugs in Your Excel Workbooks with Excel Services

More than 12% of worksheets contain serious errors. 13% of respondents need Excel help from colleagues daily. On average fixing, one Excel problem takes 8 1/2 minutes. *Survey was conducted by Acuity Training on 2022
Excel Audit and Bug fixing is a perfect choice for companies that want to make their workbooks error-free and optimize them for better performance. Our professionals can fix your errors twice as fast as your current team. Ajelix team can create responsive and easy to use worksheets–with our help, your employees will improve productivity and be able to use worksheets with ease.
Custom solutions for spreadsheets - consultancy - automate workbook - illustration

Custom Solutions For Your Excel Workbook with our Excel Services

The research shows that the ERP system’s implementation costs more than budgeted. The main reasons: additional technology needed to purchase, business changed along the way, budget was unrealistic, consulting fees were underestimated. *Research was conducted by Mint Jutras
Custom Solutions offers unique approach to building an ERP system, CRM, inventory management system, invoicing system, and more. Excel can save you costs, and you don’t have to invest in huge systems that cost a fortune. We estimate the costs of the project implementation and stick to it. Build cost effective tools that help you grow and be efficient. With our team you can build powerful, customized solutions that fit your business needs. Excel can be a platform for even the most difficult systems. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Benefits of the Excel Services and Spreadsheet Automation

Learn the benefits of Excel Automation to maximize your business efficiency. And whenever you’re ready contact us about our Excel Services and Consultancy.

User-Friendly Excel Spreadsheets

For easier interface and experience your spreadsheets should be user-friendly and automated.

Excel does the dirty work; it can update values, format cells and run macros. Users don’t get bogged down and can concentrate on the significance of information in spreadsheets for efficiency. 

Informed Decision-Making with neat Workbooks

Excel Services can help you improve decision making based on data.

Automating Excel tasks allows users to transfer desired information from spreadsheets into colorful dashboards, charts, and graphs. These visually demonstrate the meaning of the data to informed decision making.

Prevent Human Errors with Excel Services

Fix bugs and do Excel audit with Excel Services to improve human errors and bugs in your workbook.

Users make small errors when transferring data between spreadsheets and other resources. Those small errors can snowball into larger ones that negatively impact the company. Automation makes data transfers risk free.

Save time with Spreadsheet Automation

There are so many things that can be automated and Excel Services can help you do that.

Employees can save time using Excel Automation, so they can focus on other important tasks.

Cost Reduction with Excel Services

Excel can save you costs by preventing errors and wasted time doing manual work.

With Excel Automation we can see unnecessary tasks that employees do during the day. We will help to exclude these steps and let your employees focus on what really matters.

Unique solutions with Smart Spreadsheets

Benefit from our experience and find out what else can you do in Excel to work smarter not harder.

We can do nearly anything on Excel the only limit is your imagination. 

Not interested in Excel Services?

Explore our AI Excel Tools and find out how you can use them to skyrocket your efficiency in spreadsheets. 

Transform your text into Excel formulas or automate your spreadsheets with Excel VBA scripts and macros. We have the right tools for this job.

Need help figuring out how to improve your business processes?

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