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AI Excel Formula Generator For Your Spreadsheets

Ajelix Excel Formula Generator is the most advanced tool for formula creation providing precise formula output for Excel. 

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Our AI has helped more than 150 000+ people work faster on spreadsheets

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with AI Excel Formula Generator?

Ease Excel formula writing with Ajelix formula generator. Insert requirements in your native language and AI will generate a ready-to-use formula for your spreadsheets. 

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Write Excel formulas with breeze

Get more done with Function Generator — create formulas faster and with more accuracy
than ever before! 

March update - excel formula generator

Describe the formula you need

Write your Excel or Google Sheets formula requirements in plain English or your native language.
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Get Excel or Google Sheets formula from AI

AI will generate formulas that you can save in your library, insert in your spreadsheet or share with others.

What are the formula generator online benefits?

Generate advanced spreadsheet formulas in seconds with AI

Correct formula syntax

AI will transform your text into a formula with the correct brackets, semicolons, and commas for you.

Save formula for later

Generate formulas and save them for later! Don’t waste time searching for the formula that you used in “that sheet last year”!

Generate formulas from any device

Access and generate formulas from any device with user friendly customer dashboard.

Collaborate with others

Helping colleagues has never been that easy – share your formula library with your colleagues in a fraction of the time. 

Improve Efficiency

Don’t waste time surfing the internet to find the right formula. Ajelix Assistant will generate a ready-to-use formula in just a few seconds.

Use your native language

AI can understand you in every language! Explain formula requirements in your native language and receive an Excel formula.

Save time

Instead of asking for a formula from your colleague – ask Ajelix! Describe what you need and AI will generate a formula in seconds.

Get useful FAQ’s for each formula

Our AI will provide answers to frequently asked questions for the formula you generated.

Don’t make mistakes

We will provide the common mistakes that Excel users make when using the specific formula. 

All Excel and Google Sheets Requests in one place!

How does AI Generator work?

Create Formulas Automatically in Customer Dashboard

Understand and generate formulas in a few clicks with AI. Access your data anywhere–the customer dashboard is user-friendly and easily navigable. You can save formulas, track requests, and access expert consultations. 

Take a look inside in our Customer Dashboard!

AI Excel Tools - Ajelix Customer Dashboard with AI Tools - Excel Formula Generator - VBA Script

Create and explain formulas in your spreadsheets with Excel Add-in

Excel add-in is designed to save time and help you work more efficiently on your spreadsheet. You can easily access and manage your data in one place. Try AI in your spreadsheets to generate Excel formulas automatically.

Curious how Excel Add-in works? See how you can use it!

Ajelix AI Excel Assistant - Excel add-in

Generate formulas in 2 steps with handy Excel add-in

Excel Formula Generator - Ajelix - Excel Add-in

Enter your query

Write formula instructions for Formula Generator in plain language.
For example, sum column H if column B is east.
Excel Formula Generator - Excel Add-in

Generate formula

Once you’ve entered the query AI will generate formula. Insert the formula
in your sheet or save it for later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Excel Formula Generator cost?

You can use 5 monthly requests for free with Ajelix. Or subscribe for only 5.95$ to get unlimited access. 

How does Excel Formula Generator work?

Write your text in plain English or your native language and AI will generate an Excel formula for you.

How to generate Excel Formula with AI?

Read how our AI works and what are the best practices for formula generation with our guide.

Does Ajelix provides free plan?

Yes, you can use 10 requests per month for free. To get more requests you’ll have to subscribe.

How many tools does Ajelix subscription includes?

By subscribing you’ll get more than 20 AI spreadsheet tools.

Ajelix helps 3000+ people like you understand and generate formulas 10X faster.

Access Ajelix AI Tools

Ajelix Excel Formula Generator is an efficiency booster for everyone.

Ajelix Excel Formula Generator is an artificial intelligence tool that helps everyone work faster with Excel and Google Sheets formulas. Stop searching for formulas or help from colleagues–just ask Ajelix Assistant.


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