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Discover the capabilities of augmented analytics. Analyze data using conversational analytics, auto-generate dashboards, and get contextual insights and reports.

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Auto-generate dashboards

Get logical and meaningful dashboards from your data. Choose a data model and generative AI will analyze the data and provide insightful charts.

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Relevant answers with conversational analytics

Dive deeper into your data with an AI assistant, chat about your data, and perform deeper analysis fast.

  • Get the answers faster, than manually sifting through mountains of data
  • Receive charts, correlations, insights, and anomalies to understand data better

AI chart generator at your fingertips

Write prompts and create an unlimited amount of charts.

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Customize chart settings new features from ajelix

Find correlations, compare and discover anomalies with AI

Ask AI to analyze data and find patterns into your data.

Prepare your data for meaningful analytics with Ajelix BI

Ad hoc financial analysis report example from ajelix bi portal