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One-click reports and customized dashboards

Generate a report from your data with one click automagically with AI  Experience the ease of reporting with a no-code editor.

ajelix bi new dashboard
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AI dashboard generator for easier report building

  • Generate dashboards using one-click button
  • Match your dashboard with brand colors
  • Create several pages
  • Get fully responsive chartsem—ready for sharing
  • Build charts without any knowledge or training
BI platform design
Pick from Ajelix BI platform elements chart and graphs to visualize your data

Charts & graphs for your data visualization needs

More than 24+ elements for efficient report building. But we’re not stopping there—with monthly updates our users can expect new elements any time soon.

  • Choose from basic charts to more advanced visualizations
  • Add elements, such as, tables, pictures and html to your reports

Customize dashboard to match it with your brand

  • Upload your logo and make it shine on your data dashboard
  • Set your brand colors and change background
customize your dashboard with logo and brand colors

Customize your reporting process with Ajelix BI and see how easy it’s

Ajelix BI data dashboard with visualization

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Explore all the functionality that Ajelix BI has to offer, starting from professional looking dashboards to AI analytics.