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Trusted partner with years of experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I automatically generate formulas in Excel?

You can generate formulas automatically using AI-powered formula generators, such as Ajelix Excel Formula Generator. Insert your text and AI will generate a formula for you.

How many free requests are included in Ajelix freemium?

You can generate 5 free requests every month. 

How many AI tools does Ajelix offers?

We offer 17 AI-powered tools and Excel add-in.

What is included in free plan?

During the free plan, you can use 5 free requests monthly and the ability to use all of the tools. Expect Excel add-in and formula library.

What is the most popular tool?

The most popular tool is Excel Formula Generator and Excel Template Generator.

How can I use AI in Excel?

You can use AI in Excel with AI-powered tools, such as Excel Formula Generator and Excel Formula Explainer.

Does Ajelix supports schools and non-profit organizations?

Yes, we offer a special plan to support schools, universities, and non-profit organizations. To receive a special plan, please get in touch with our support team.

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