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World’s only Virtual AI Assistant for Spreadsheets

The most powerful AI virtual assistant available on the market – will revolutionize the way you approach your daily spreadsheet routine.

Professional help with your spreadsheets whenever you need it!

We call it Ajuna and she can give you specific step-by-step guidelines, help you learn sheets, and solve problems.

Benefits of Virtual AI Assistant

Get help when and where you need it! Our Virtual AI Assistant is designed to provide advanced support to your Excel and Google Sheets problems and inquiries.

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Quick and Easy

As an virtual AI assistant, Ajuna can handle your spreadsheet tasks quickly and easily in real-time.

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With Ajuna’s help, you can complete your spreadsheet tasks much faster and save precious time.

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Improved Accuracy with AI Assistant

As a machine learning tool, Ajuna can help you avoid common errors in your calculations and analyses resulting in accurate results and insights from your data.

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Expert Guidance with AI Assistant

Ajuna is built by a team of expert spreadsheet users and developers, so you can trust that the advice and guidance provided is accurate and up-to-date.

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Convenience with Virtual AI Assistant

Ajuna is available to help you with your spreadsheet tasks 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

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Improve Efficiency With AI Assistant

Ajuna can help you automate your repetitive tasks, which can boost your efficiency and productivity.

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Use Your Native Language

Ajuna speaks in different languages so feel free to get the help you in need in your native language.

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Step-by-step guides from AI Assistant

Virtual Assistant will provide you with depth guides and step-by-step guidelines.

How Virtual AI Assistant can help with your spreadsheets?


Get step-by-step guidelines

Get expert guidance through every step of your data management tasks, empowering you to effortlessly create, analyze, and share your data with confidence.


Say goodbye to frustrating errors

AI Assistant not only guides you through tasks but can automatically detect and help you fix errors in real time, ensuring accurate and reliable data every time.


Solve your spreadsheet headaches

Assistant is always ready to help solve any spreadsheet problem. Write what you need to solve, and Ajuna will provide ideas and instructions to tackle issue.

How to get help from Virtual AI Assistant—Ajuna?

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Ask the Question

You can chat with the assistant as you’d interact with your colleagues. Write what needs to be done, and what problems, and inquiries you have.


Get the answer, guide, solution from AI

Assistant will provide you with the answer so you don’t have to spend time searching online or watching tutorials on youtube.

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Ajelix Portal provides support to all Excel and Google Sheets Requests

User-friendly in Customer Dashboard

Understand and generate formulas in a few clicks with Excel Formula Bot. Access your data from any place–customer dashboard is user-friendly, easily navigable, and perfect for Google Sheets and MacBook users. You can save your formulas, track your requests, and access expert consultations. 

Take a look inside our Customer Dashboard!

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Use Our Tools in Your Spreadsheets with Excel Add-in

Our Ajelix Excel add-in is designed to save time and help you work more efficiently on your spreadsheet. You can easily access and manage your data in one place. Don’t worry about losing data or track of your work–use Ajelix Tools in your spreadsheet. 

Curious how Excel Add-in works? See how you can use it!

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Virtual AI Assistant: Frequently Asked Questions

What tasks can AI Assistant perform?

Assistant Ajuna can answer spreadsheet-related questions, provide instructions and guidelines, and perform tasks for you. Such as generating code or writing formulas for you.

What is the precision of AI Excel Assistant?

Ajuna is considered to be one of the precise AI assistants available on the market. She has been trained based on the customer and our expert feedback. 

Why is Ajuna better than Chat GPT?

Our AI Assistant is specifically built to perform spreadsheet-related tasks with high precision, unlike ChatGPT which is used for almost everything. Ajuna is trained by excel experts who have deep knowledge and expertise in industry, therefore, making it more precise and unique to the niche. 

What is the pricing plan for Ajuna?

Same as all Ajelix AI Excel Tools. You get 5 free monthly requests which are 5 conversations with Ajuna. For unlimited requests, you’ll have to subscribe for 5.95$ per month.

Join 4000+ customers who work 10X faster in spreadsheets with Ajelix Virtual AI Assistant.

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