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From Data To Report in One Minute Or Less

Data Visualization Finally Made Fast & Easy For Busy People Who Need To Make Data Driven Decisions Now

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Turn your data into nice-looking reports fast & pain free!

You don’t have to book demos or schedule calls with our team. All you have to do is register and start creating your reports!

“Our main goal was to ease access to data visualization tools. Do you need the report now? Here you have it! Busy founders need data to make smart decisions TODAY! Not tomorrow or after 15 minutes. NOW.” 

Ajelix Founders
BI and Visualization Tools: Your Path to Data-Driven Decision Making -Tutorial by Ajelix
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Fast lane your reporting with user-friendly editing

No more hard-to-digest formulas or messy Excel spreadsheets. Upload data, get the report, and customize it!

“Reporting shouldn’t be a nightmare. We wanted to create a truly easy user experience with the ability to create a professional-looking report.”

Ajelix Founders

Easy to share & easy to impress with your data dashboard

Simply reporting means simple functionality. With Ajelix BI you can share your reports with a link or add editors.

AI insights about the chart - screenshot from Ajelix report
AI insights for the chart - screenshot from Ajelix BI

Smarter business intelligence with AI insights & analytics

Understand your data reports with AI analysis. Get smart insights for your business and make decisions faster.

“It’s one thing to gather data and create charts. It’s a whole different thing to understand the story behind these numbers. That’s where AI comes in handy.”

Ajelix Founders

What’s so special about Ajelix BI?

No setup needed

No hard to digest formulas

No special training

No demo sessions or calls

Then how does it work? It’s simple.
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Data Visualization Made Simple For Busy People

upload excel or csv file to edit your report - ajelix BI

Upload File

Select your file, whether it’s in CSV or Excel format. And get ready for your visualization journey.

get draft report from your data - ajelix BI

Choose Template

Automatically receive a draft report and choose the data you want to display in charts.

Ajelix BI - edit your report and visualize data

Customize & Adjust

Fine-tune the report to your needs change colors, pick charts, and more with our user-friendly dashboard.

share your data report with others with ajelix BI

Share & Impress

Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression with your easy-to-make exceptional data reports!

Create a professional-looking report in minute

Too good to be true? Start creating reports yourself and see how easy it is.

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