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Build your first report with Ajelix BI

Let’s dive deep into report building! We will walk you through the elements, set up and how to create your first report. Make sure that you have read previous article on how to create a report and how to upload data.

Once you have completed the set up that we covered in the previous guides you should have a blank editor, like this 👇

Step 1 star from blank report
Report building dashboard editor from Ajelix BI

If you skipped the previous guide about available ajelix elements you can read it here.

Step 1: Understanding editing

Simply pick the first element you want to see in your report. Once you click on any element it will appear on your report and you will see editor.

Editor and report creation dashboard ajelix bi
Report editing view on Ajelix BI

On the left side you can see editor and on the right you see report preview. In report preview you can drag and drop the elements to rearrange them. By clicking on each element in report preview you will open the element settings. Each element has it’s own element settings where you can:

  1. Rename elements
  2. Change color, size, alignment
  3. Choose columns from you dataset
  4. Do calculations with your data
  5. Add, remove filters
  6. Add explanations or comments. This is the part where you can add small descriptions and when sharing the report other people can see your thoughts.
  7. Arrange data descending or ascending order.
  8. Explain charts with AI to reveal correlations and different trends in your data.

Step 2: Set up element settings

Now let’s set up the first element settings. We picked the card element that we will start editing, here’s also a picture to help you track the editing.

Customize the card settings ajelix bi
Ajelix BI element editing – customize the appearance of your element

Customize the appearance of your element

1. The first step let’s you rename your element as you like.

2. You change the size of the number.

3. Set up element background color, title color or number color.

4. Pick the right, center or right alignment for your card numbers.

5. Format the number so it would display the correct formatting. For example, euro, dollar, decimal, thousands or any other formatting. Click on the questions mark to open the table with custom formatting or visit this article. Simply copy the format column to see the desired output in the card.

6. You can resize the element by dragging the right corner in any direction you want.

Set up the calculations for your element

Once you’ve done the customization part, it’s time to set up calculations for the card.

set up calculations for the element to visualize data
Ajelix BI editor and report preview view

Here’s how to set up the element with your data file:

1. In this field you will see all columns from your data file. Simply, pick the column that you want to calculate.

2. This is calculation field, where you can choose the calculation for the column that you picked. There are several options available:

  • Sum
  • Count
  • Average
  • Max
  • Min
  • Distinct Count
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Standard Deviation
  • Variance

Just pick one of the calculations and the element will automatically update the value for you.

3.,4. The next field is filter where you can apply filters so that the card would calculate value based on the filters you apply. In our example, we applied filters to calculate profit only for January and February. You can add several filters for more specific result.

5. Now you can add comments or explanations for your colleagues or any report users that will view the report.

Click Save and add the next element. If you can’t save the report it means that you have a freemium plan that let’s you create reports without the ability to save them. If you enjoy our tool consider subscribing for a monthly or yearly plan (this way you will save 30%) to unlock the premium features.

Step 3: Add another element

Once you’re done with the first element you can click on Add element in the editor and pick the next element.

Add element settings in ajelix bi editor
Ajelix BI editor add element selection

Choose from the element list and start the next element set up.

Step 4: Save, Preview, Share

Once you’re report is ready you can save it, preview it to see how it looks in a full width by pressing on the View button at the bottom of editor. You can also share the report with link to others or give editing option by adding other users with email.