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How to share a report with others?

Once you’ve created a report Ajelix BI offers functionality to share it with others. There are different ways how you can access sharing settings.

Sharing options

Once you’ve upgraded to Ajelix business plan you have unlocked different sharing options:

  1. You can share a report using link: anyone with a link will be able to view the report
  2. Add viewers via email: the report will show up on their dashboard
  3. Add editors using email: they will see the report in their profile

Access the sharing settings

There are several ways how you can share the report, this section will walk you through all the available options.

Report sharing through editor

You can share the report while in editing mode. This is a straight-forward process how you can access sharing settings. You will see the Share button under the editor on the left side.

Access sharing settings on ajelix bi editor
Ajelix BI editor dashboard with sharing settings

Once you’ve clicked on the share button you will be forwarded to sharing settings.

Report sharing through Report section

Another way to access sharing settings is through Report section, where you can see all the reports you’ve created. Each report will have a Share button that will take you to sharing settings.

Access sharing settings through report section list
Ajelix BI report section with Share button

Once you click on the Share button, again, you’ll be forwarded to sharing settings page.

Set up sharing settings

Once you have accessed sharing settings, let’s walk you through the steps on how to set up sharing settings correctly.

Anyone with a link sharing

The most popular feature is sharing report via link. Enabling this option will allow anyone who has a link see the report.

Share report via anyone with a link option on Ajelix BI
Ajelix BI sharing settings dashboard

Any report has a default settings – the report is private. To share the report, simply click on the dropdown and pick Anyone with a link. Now you have a sharable link, that you can even change after some time.

Share a report with email

If you don’t want to share the report via link as it might be too risky you can add viewers with emails. Before viewing report they will be asked to log in. They can simply create the free account with the same email address and access the report. They don’t have to be subscribers.

Share reports with email address
Ajelix BI dashboard sharing settings via email address

To share the report with specific users, insert email, pick the role and click Share. Once you share it you will see added users list that you can edit anytime. However, the email that you added will see the shared report on his BI dashboard.

Add editors via email

All editors have to have a registered business plan. Once you add editors to your report they will be asked to subscribe in order to make corrections. We have a good news, if you want to add more than 2 users to Ajelix BI contact us to get a bulk discount.

Share report with other editors via email
Ajelix BI dashboard share the report with other editors

The sharing process is straight-forward, once you add the email select the Editor role instead of a Viewer.

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