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How to upload Excel data for report creation?

Once, you’ve formatted your Excel, Google Sheets or CSV files according to our previous guide. Let’s walk you through the steps on adding your data set on Ajelix BI platform.

1.  Go to Ajelix Data

2. Click on Upload Dataset

Upload data on Ajelix BI system
Screenshot from Ajelix portal datasets page

3. Choose the correct data file type from the available list

Select the data source from Ajelix BI
Screenshot from Ajelix portal data source page

4. Now you should have settings page where you can name dataset. Once it’s done, press next.

Give name to your dataset
Screenshot from Ajelix portal with datasets settings page

5. Upload Excel or CSV file. Once you have done both of these things, press Create dataset.

Upload data on Ajelix BI

6. Once you press Create dataset you should get to the next setup that let’s you add a report

Add report after dataset upload

7. In the next step give name to your dashboard or report, for example, Financial Data or Operational Dashboard.

Give name to your report

8. Once you name the dashboard you will be able to pick the data file from the dropdown.

Pick the dataset from the dropdown

9. Now you’re all set up! You should have a next window that let’s you edit the report.

Edit report on Ajelix BI

Now you can move on to the next step how to build your first report on Ajelix BI.

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