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Create Professional Excel Template Automatically from keywords.

Excel Template Generator is powered by AI, enabling you to generate ready-made Excel spreadsheets from your input. The tool takes the hassle out of creating columns and populating them with sample data – all you have to do is provide the keywords.

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Creating Excel Templates with AI: A Game Changer - Tutorial by Ajelix

Generate a professional Excel Template quickly from your keywords and save time!

Enter any keyword, such as project management, HR, or inventory, and our AI Excel Assistant will provide a downloadable Excel Template with pre-populated columns and example data. Access your template history and download it anytime.

Learn Benefits of Excel Template Generator

Get More Insights About Your Data with Excel Template

Receive insights about the topic and don’t waste time searching for the right KPIs online. AI Assistant will generate columns and data that should be included in the spreadsheet. 

Save Time with Excel Template generator

Save time and increase accuracy and consistency. Generate Excel templates automatically based on a single keyword, so you can avoid hours of manual template creation and get the job done faster!

Increase Efficiency with Excel Template Generator

AIdriven Excel template generation can help to reduce the amount of time spent on manual template creation and searching for information online.

Save Costs and Create Excel Template Automatically

By automating the Excel template generation process, you can save money on labor costs as employees will be able to create reports faster.

Access Excel Templates from any device

The Customer Dashboard is easy to use and provides you with the ability to access your templates from any location and device.

Access Excel Template History

Generate as many templates as you want and access your search and file history at any time.

Build Your Excel Template Easily With AI

What is Excel Template Generator? It’s AI-powered technology that allows you to generate customized templates based on your keywords and descriptions.

Step 1

Write your template topic

Provide the topic for your template and AI will generate everything based on this topic.

Step 2

Generate column names

Let AI write column names for your Excel template.

Step 3

Create content for rows

Write content for rows with AI so the columns are aligned with rows.

Step 4

Set template colors with AI

Let AI pick colors for your template or choose the colors yourself.

Step 5

Preview & Download

Once you’re template is ready simply download it and start using!

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How does AI Excel Tools work?

Customer Dashboard

Understand and generate formulas in a few clicks. Access your data from any place–customer dashboard is user-friendly, easily navigable, and perfect for Google Sheets and MacBook users. You can save your formulas, track your requests, and access expert consultations. 

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AI Excel Tools - Ajelix Customer Dashboard with AI Tools - Excel Formula Generator - VBA Script

Excel Add-in

Our Ajelix Excel addin is designed to save you time and help you work more efficiently in your spreadsheet. You can easily access and manage your data in one place. Don‘t worry about losing data or track of your work–use Ajelix Tools right into your spreadsheet. 

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Ajelix AI Excel Assistant - Excel add-in

Ajelix helps 3000+ people like you create Excel template and work with Excel and Google Sheets smarter.

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Ajelix Assistant is Excel and Google Sheets efficiency booster for everyone.

Ajelix Spreadsheet Assistant is an artificial intelligence platform that helps everyone work faster in Excel and Google Sheets. Stop searching for formulas or help from colleagues–just ask Ajelix AI Excel Assistant.


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