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How To Generate Google Apps Script with AI

How to transform your text into the script? Learn this guide and see how easy it’s to generate Google Apps Script with Ajelix tools. Watch the tutorial and see how to use Ajelix AI Google Apps Script Generator to create great scripts for your spreadsheets.

How To Generate Google Apps Script With AI.

Ajelix tutorials with step-by-step guidelines on how to generate Google Apps Scripts with AI.
generate Google Apps script - Ai tools - google apps script generator - ajelix

With our Google Apps Script Generator, you can create scripts with a few clicks 10X faster. Simply input what you want your script to do, and our AI technology will do the rest. Learn more about Google Apps Script Generator. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user this tool can help you improve your coding skills.

Step 1. Insert your requirements to Generate Google Apps Script.

Describe in details what actions should script perform.

To generate a Google Apps Script using our AI Google Apps Script Generator, firstly you will need to insert the requirements of the script into the generator. This will include details such as the type of script you would like to generate, the functions you would like to include and any parameters needed. For inspiration on how you can use Google Apps Scripts read our blog about Google Sheets Automation.

Generate Google Apps Script with AI - AI tools - Google Apps - insert your text

Screenshot from Ajelix Portal. Insert your text requirements and receive a Google Apps Script from AI.

Step 2. Receive Google Apps Script.

Step 2 of our Google Apps Script Generator guidelines is where the magic happens! After entering the task requirements in step 1, AI will generate the Google Apps Script tailored to your needs.  Use the generated script in your Google Sheets to automate tasks.

If you’d like to use this script later feel free to save it in your library. You can also share the scripts with colleagues, customers, or friends. In case you find any errors or bugs in the script, you can report them to us and we will work with our AI to correct them.

It’s important to note that the generated script will be based on the information you’ve provided, and the quality of the code will depend on the clarity and completeness of the task description.

generate google apps script - ai tools - ai in google sheets - Ajelix

Screenshot from Ajelix Portal. Generate Google Apps Scripts with AI and automate your spreadsheets.

This tool is useful for everyone looking to automate Google Sheets quickly and efficiently. Using this tool helps us make our AI better and more precise every time you generate your scripts. This tool is great for advanced users to speed up the coding but it can contribute as a great starting point for those who are learning. Read our article on how to create Google Apps Script to automate your Google Sheets and master the coding process faster. We have created a summary of the best efficiency tips in Google Sheets that might help you improve your data. 

How much does it cost to generate Google Apps Script?

Generate an unlimited count of Google Apps Scripts if you’re a subscriber. Remember that in a free plan, you receive 5 free monthly requests. In order to generate more requests you’ll have to become our subscriber.

Ready to generate Google Apps scripts yourself? Join freemium.

Watch how to generate Google Apps Script with AI.

Watch our tutorial below and see how Google Apps Script Generator works in a portal. Ready to give it a go? Head to the portal and register for freemium. 

How to Generate Google Apps Scripts - Ajelix Google Apps Script Generator

How To Write Script Requirements for AI.

The script you’ll receive will be based on your input so the more precise the requirements the better the code. Read our recommendation on how to generate great Google Apps Script and practice it! From our experience, it takes time to master “the art of asking” in order to receive the right answers. So don’t stop at the first incorrect answer, change your text and ask again!

  • Write specific data inputs for the scripts, including the data types and ranges.
    Include rows, sheets, files names, columns, data ranges, etc.

    Example: Color data range in sheet 2 rows B1:D20 in yellow.

  • Specify the actions that script must perform.
    Name actions such as delete, mark, rename, color, etc.

    Example: Color data rows in sheet 1 B10 to D20.

  • Write your requirements as a separate tasks.
    For better experience divide code tasks with bulleted lists, that will help you to navigate and change requirements easier.


    Color data rows in sheet 1 B10 to D20.

    Delete the first 10 rows in sheet 2.

    Insert new sheet and rename it to “data analytics”

  • Script Generation is limited to Google Apps Script.
    Remember that AI can generate scripts for actions that are possible to perform on Google Sheets.
  • Practice the “art of asking”
    Write clear guidelines to our AI to make sure he understands you.

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