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Save and collaborate your formulas and scripts

Save formulas and scripts in your dashboard or Excel for later use. Collaborate with your customers, colleagues, or friends by sharing formulas. Keep formulas organized in the formula and script library for easy access and tracking. 

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How do Formula and Script Library work?

Customer Dashboard

Generate and save formulas and scripts with just a few clicks. Access your data from any location the customer dashboard is userfriendly and easily navigable. Save your formulas and scripts, collaborate with colleagues, customers, or friends and track your requests.

Take a closer look inside our Customer Dashboard and see Formula and Script Library in action!

AI Excel Tools - Ajelix Customer Dashboard with AI Tools - Excel Formula Generator - VBA Script

Excel Add-in

Our Ajelix Excel¬†addin is designed to save time and help you work more efficiently on¬†your spreadsheet. You can easily access and manage your data¬†in one place. Don‘t worry about losing data, formulas,¬†or track of your work‚Äďuse Ajelix Tools in your spreadsheet.¬†

Curious how Excel Add-in works? See Formula and Script Library options!

Ajelix AI Excel Assistant - Excel add-in

Ready to create your
formula library with AI?

Ajelix Assistant can help you quickly create formulas, explain their use, and save them for later use or collaboration. Having all your formulas in one place can save you time and help you get your work done more effectively.

Learn Benefits of Formula and Script Library

Formula and script library - reuse your formulas

Reuse formulas and scripts

With our library, you can quickly and easily find saved formulas you need without having to search through multiple old worksheets. Manage your worksheets in one place with Ajelix Library.

Collaborate with your excel and google sheets formulas


Helping out a colleague has never been so easy! With Ajelix Assistant you can generate formulas, add explanations to each formula and collaborate with others for more efficient work.

Excel Formula Explanator - Save time

Save time

With this library, you can your time by ordering your data in one place and avoid having to waste your time figuring out the same formulas over and over again. Save your formulas in the Ajelix library and use them repeatedly. 

Formula and script library - easy to manage

Easy to manage

Ajelix offers a customizable, easytouse formula library that helps you keep your data organized and makes it easier to find the information you need. With Ajelix, you can add tags, explain formula applicability and description, and manage your data in one place for more efficient work.

Formula and script library - never lose your formulas

Never lose your formulas

With Ajelix Library you can store all your data in one place, so you’ll never lose customized formulas in old worksheets ever again.¬†

Formula and script library - improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

With organized data library you can work in Excel and Google Sheets more efficiently than ever before. 

Save formulas and scripts in 2 steps

with Customer Dashboard

Open Library on Ajelix Customer Dashboard
Formula and script library - open library
Add new items and fill in the information
Formula and script library - add new item
Collaborate with formulas and scripts with colleagues and customers.

Save formulas and scripts in 2 steps

with Excel add-in

Open Library Manager in Excel toolkit
Excel add-in formula and script library
Add a new item and fill in the information
Formula and script library excel add-in
Collaborate with formulas and scripts with colleagues and customers.

Ajelix helps 3000+ people like you work with Excel and Google Sheets smarter.

Access Ajelix AI Tools

Ajelix Assistant is Excel and Google Sheets efficiency booster for everyone.

Ajelix Spreadsheet Assistant is an artificial intelligence platform that helps everyone work faster in Excel and Google Sheets. Stop searching for formulas or help from colleagues‚Äďjust ask Ajelix Assistant.


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