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How To Explain Excel Formulas with AI

Understand your Excel formulas in a fraction of a time. Go through these guidelines and learn how to use Ajelix AI Excel Formula Explainer.

How To Explain Excel Formulas With AI.

Ajelix tutorial with step-by-step guidelines on how to explain Excel formulas with AI.
Excel formula explainer

Input an Excel formula and receive a detailed formula explanation in a few seconds. Use AI to your advantage–efficiently analyze and explain formulas with the help of Ajelix Excel Formula Explainer. If you didn’t have a chance to read about this tool then visit our excel formula explainer page. 

Step 1. Insert your formula.

Copy/paste your formula in the “input field”.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced user seeking to delve deeper into complex formulas, our tool is here to help. To begin using this tool start by typing your Excel formula in the input field and press submit. AI Excel Formula Explainer will generate a detailed explanation of the formula, breaking it down into its individual parts. This will help you understand the logic behind the formula and how it works.

Formula explainer - example ajelix

Screenshot from Ajelix Portal. Insert your Excel formula and receive a formula explanation from AI.

Step 2. Receive Excel Formula Explanation

The AI will analyze your formula and provide an explanation of each element within the formula. Description can be used to better understand and troubleshoot your Excel formulas. You can copy the explanation or save it in your library for later use. You can also press the report button if the explanation isn’t accurate. This step is important as it helps us to ensure accuracy and keep our AI up-to-date and working as expected.

Excel formula explainer get result

Screenshot from Ajelix Portal. Explain Excel Formulas with AI and manage your formula and description library.

You can access your formula explanation history anytime, save your formula descriptions for later, and share them with others.

Explain the unlimited count of Excel Formulas as long as you have a subscription. Remember that in a free plan, you receive 5 free requests each month. Join freemium to get started.

View a video to learn how to explain Excel Formulas with Artificial Intelligence!

To experience the AI Excel Formula Explainer, click on the tutorial below. It offers an in-depth look into how to utilize our tool to explain different formulas for your Excel worksheets.

How To Explain Excel Formulas with Excel Formula Explainer - Ajelix

What Formulas Can AI Explain?

You can write different types of formulas, it can be customized, and include text or data. AI will understand the formula and give you insights into what the formula is doing.

  • Explain Customized Formulas From Your Spreadsheets
    Include text, data, rows, etc.
  • Insert Your Colleagues Formulas
    Copy/paste Excel formulas that your colleagues have created.
  • Copy Excel Formulas That You Found on The Internet
    Let AI break this formula into pieces and explain it to you.

Use Cases

  • Data Analytics Experts

    Use AI to enhance your data analytics skills and work more efficiently.

    As a data analytics expert spreadsheets are a part of the daily routine and so are countless formulas that need an explanation. Our AI Excel Formula Explainer has proved that formula explanations can improve your productivity. No more confusion or frustration trying to decipher complicated formulas on your own.

    Data analytics experts might use many different formulas, and our AI Excel formula explainer can help explain all of them.

    Here are a few examples:

    • SUMIF: This formula allows you to sum cells that meet certain criteria. For example, you might use SUMIF to sum all cells in a range with a value greater than 1000.
    • VLOOKUP: This formula allows you to search for a value in a table or range of cells and return a corresponding value from a different column in the same row. For example, you might use VLOOKUP to look up the sales revenue for a particular product based on the product’s ID number.
    • IFERROR: This formula allows you to specify a value to display in the event that an error occurs in a formula. For example, you might use IFERROR to return the value “N/A” if a divide-by-zero error occurs in a formula.
    • INDEX/MATCH: This formula combination allows you to perform a lookup based on multiple criteria. For example, you might use INDEX/MATCH to look up the sales revenue for a particular product in a specific region.

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