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How To Generate Excel Formulas with AI

Our tutorial teaches how to use Ajelix AI to generate Excel formulas. Save time and effort on formula writing by letting AI do the work for you. 

How To Generate Excel Formulas With AI.

Ajelix tutorial with step-by-step guidelines to generate Excel formulas with AI.
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Excel Formula Generator or some call it Excel Formula Bot is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to create formulas quickly and easily. Using artificial intelligence, this tool can generate ready-to-use formulas based on your input.

Step 1. Insert your formula requirements to generate Excel Formula.

Learn how to write formula requirements below.

Describe Your Excel Formula Requirements in the “input” field – provide a detailed description of the formula you need. This description should include the type of formula you need, rows, any specific parameters you require, and any other details that may help the AI Excel Formula Generator create a formula that meets your specific requirements. Be as detailed and specific as possible, as this will help the AI Excel Formula Generator create the most accurate and efficient formula for your needs. In case you’re working with financial formulas our blog about financial formulas in Excel can help you. If you just a summary of Excel formulas and functions visit our Excel Formula Cheat Sheet.

March update - excel formula generator

Screenshot from Ajelix Portal. Write your requirements to Generate Excel Formulas.

Step 2. Generate Excel Formula

After you have specified your requirements, the AI Excel Formula Generator will generate an Excel formula. You can use this formula in your spreadsheet to quickly perform calculations and analyze data. You can copy the formula or save it in your library. This helps reduce the time it takes to manually write formulas and makes your work more efficient. If this formula isn’t correct, please press the “report incorrect” button and we will fix it manually so the next time AI generates it correctly.

March update - output formula screenshot march update

Screenshot from Ajelix Portal. Generate Excel Formulas with AI and manage your formulas.

You can access your formula history at any time, save your formulas for later, and share them with others.

Generate unlimited Excel Formulas as long as you have a subscription. Remember that in a free plan, you receive 5 free monthly requests or become our subscriber. Join freemium and start generating Excel formulas.

Watch a video to see how to Generate Excel Formula with AI!

Click on the tutorial below to see AI Excel Formula Bot in action. Which provides a detailed overview of how to use our tool to generate custom formulas for your Excel spreadsheets.

AI Excel Formula Generator - Generate Excel Formula - Open AI in Excel - Ajelix AI Spreadsheet Tools

How To Write Formula Requirements for AI.

Examples on how to describe formula requirements.

Best Practices for Excel Formula Generator and how to describe Excel Formulas to get good results from AI. 

  • Write specific data inputs for the formulas, including the data types and ranges.
    Use column names, data ranges, row names, etc.

    Example: Sum column B if data in column C is >100.

  • Specify the desired output from the formulas, including the type of calculation (sum, average, etc.)
    Describe specific actions: sum, forecast, separate, extract, etc.

    Example: Forecast data if preferred price is C46, sold units in column F30:F44 and unit cost in column G30:G44.

  • Use Excel Formula Generator to generate Excel formulas.
    This tool is only for formula generation. If you need to ask something or explain formulas use other tools.

Use Cases

  • Small business owners

    Easily generate formulas to streamline the management of your business data.

    Business Owners can use Excel Formula Bot to generate complex formulas and calculations for their spreadsheets effortlessly. This tool allows you to automatically calculate the total cost of your inventory, generate formulas for common calculations such as discounts and interest rates, and create formulas for more advanced calculations like net profit.

    Here are a few examples of how the Excel Formula Generator can benefit Small Business Owners:

    • Automate the calculation of your inventory’s total cost by asking our AI Assistant to generate the formula for you.
    • Use the generator to quickly create a formula for determining your business’s net profit, taking into account factors like revenue, expenses, and taxes. This saves time and minimizes the risk of errors compared to manually crafting each formula.
    • Simplify the process of creating formulas by explaining your needs to the AI Assistant. It will then provide you with the appropriate formula, eliminating the need to struggle with syntax or try to figure out the right formula on your own.
  • Data Analytics Experts

    Use AI to enhance your data analytics skills and work more efficiently.

    As a Data Analytics Expert, it’s crucial to be able to generate accurate, complex Excel formulas efficiently. That’s where AI Excel Formula Generator comes in. With this tool, you can generate the formulas you need in a fraction of the time, allowing you to focus on more complex tasks.

    Here are a few examples of how Data Analytics Experts can benefit from using Excel Formula Generator:

    • Quickly generate formulas to analyze large datasets.
    • Use the generator to create formulas for common calculations such as averages, medians, and standard deviations.
    • Build complex forecasting and trend analysis formulas with ease.
    • Create custom formulas for use in pivot tables and other data visualization tools.
    • Combine multiple related formulas into a single formula to save time and improve accuracy in your analysis.
  • Real Estate Agents

    Efficiently manage real estate spreadsheets and data with the help of complex formulas created by the Excel Formula Generator.

    Agents can save time and effort by using the Excel Formula Generator to create complex formulas. This tool is designed to make it easy to work with large amounts of data and generate formulas that would be time-consuming to create manually.

    Here are a few examples of how Real Estate Agents can use the Excel Formula Generator:

    • Calculate commission based on a property’s sale price.
    • Generate a formula to estimate the taxes due on a property.
    • Determine the return on investment for a rental property.
    • Calculate the cost of repairs for a property.
  • Managers

    Use Excel Formula Generator to increase personal productivity and minimize time spent on spreadsheets.

    Excel formula generator can help managers save time and optimize workflows by creating complex formulas, performing financial calculations, and conducting statistical analysis. In addition, the generator can assist in generating custom formulas for specific tasks and troubleshooting existing formulas, enabling managers to make more informed decisions.

    Here are a few examples of how the Excel Formula Generator can be used:

    • Calculate total sales for a given period and forecast future sales performance.
    • Determine the average customer satisfaction rating.
    • Calculate the total cost of project implementation.
    • Determine the return on investment (ROI) for a given project.

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