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Explore Best Data Visualization Software for Mac 2024

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Another data visualization struggle, right? When Excel doesn’t do the work the way we want it. It’s time to explore some great Excel alternatives for data visualization. 📈

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for trustworthy software that would work without any issues and would be compatible with Mac. This article will delve into different data analytics tools that work without any issues on Mac.

Why Check Compatibility For data Visualization Software?

Checking compatibility for business intelligence tools on macOS is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow without encountering unexpected issues or performance bottlenecks.

There are many software’s that are built on Windows thinking about Windows users only. Better check compatibility than be sorry, here’s why:

  • BI tool might have a Desktop version that simply isn’t supported by Mac. One of the examples is Power BI which created web version to make it easier for Mac users to access reports.
  • You should also keep in mind hardware compatibility. As some tools, such as, Tableau may not work with your hardware.

It’s just that many tools somehow forget about Mac users and their compatibility, as it requires additional time and development work.

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the best data visualization software For Mac:

  1. Ajelix BI
  2. Power BI
  3. Tableau
  4. QlikSense
  5. Domo

1. Ajelix BI

The first software on our list of best BI tools for Mac is Ajelix BI. This platform offers only a web interface so you don’t have to think about compatibility issues. It also has a very good Google Sheets integration that eases the process for those who use spreadsheets as data storage.

ajelix bi new dashboard

Ajelix BI dashboard screenshot, view the live report here.

Why Ajelix BI is a good choice for Mac users?

  1. It offers a web interface that is easy to use and doesn’t encounter compatibility issues.
  2. Improved speed performance regardless of the hardware you’re using allows fast loading and big data processing. Processing 1 million rows will take only a few seconds, unlike other BI tools that suggest up to 8 minutes for this task.
  3. Easy collaboration settings allow users to share reports with links or by adding users via mail. No need for special file downloads or extensive setups.
  4. Live data refreshing with Google Sheets integration. No secret that Macbook users tend to use Google Sheets as a main spreadsheet software, that’s why the integration is so important.
  5. Easy to use drag and drop interface that enables fast and efficient reporting.

Are there any cons using Ajelix BI with Mac?

There are no straightforward cons that you should consider when choosing Ajelix BI for Mac. There are no compatibility issues or performance pitfalls.

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2. Power BI

Yes, Power BI is the most popular data visualization software out there, but it’s well known for its compatibility issues. MacBook users may face some challenges when using Power BI, as it is not a native Mac application.

Are there compatibility issues using Power BI on Mac?

Yes, Macbook users may encounter slow performance, limited customization, limited support and frequent crashes using Power BI.

  • Not a native Mac application: Power BI is a Windows application that requires a virtual machine (VM) to run on a Mac. This can impact performance and make it more difficult to use Power BI features.
  • Limited support for macOS: Microsoft’s support for Power BI on macOS is limited. This means that users may experience more bugs and glitches than those using Power BI on Windows.
  • Slow performance: Running Power BI on a VM can significantly impact performance. This can make it difficult to create and view reports and dashboards.
  • Frequent crashes: Power BI has been known to crash on macOS, especially when using advanced features. This can be frustrating and disruptive to users.
  • Limited customization: Power BI’s user interface is not fully customizable on macOS. This can make it difficult to personalize the experience and work more efficiently.
Power BI compatibility issues with Mac screenshot - Best Data Visualization Software for Mac

User review about compatibility issues using Power BI with Mac from

Keep in mind that Power BI has a web interface that is limited but can greatly reduce the compatibility issues with desktop app and Mac. We have also covered the Power BI advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits using Power BI

There are many benefits using Power BI software as it’s the industry leader. Before choosing your software make sure to review all the possible options and problems you might encounter.

  • Powerful data visualization: Power BI offers a wide range of data visualization options, including charts, graphs, maps, and tables.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft products: Power BI integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Excel, Azure, and SQL Server.
  • Mobile accessibility: Power BI mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

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3. Tableau

Another big BI tool that is well-known in the market as an extensive data analytics platform. Tableau might have less compatibility problems than Microsoft as it’s more universal tool.

Are there compatibility issues using Tableau on Mac?

Yes, Macbook users can encounter slow rendering, crashes, and speed issues when working with large data volumes using Tableau,

  • Slow rendering: Tableau’s performance on MacBooks can be impacted by the complexity of data sets and graphics used in visualizations. This can lead to delays and frustration when creating or viewing reports.
  • Crashes and instability: Occasional crashes and instability issues have been reported by MacBook users, particularly when dealing with large data sets or using advanced features. This can disrupt workflow and hinder productivity.
  • Resource-intensive: Tableau can be resource-intensive, utilizing significant RAM and CPU power, especially when handling large data volumes. This can strain MacBooks with less powerful hardware.
Tableau compatibility issues with mac screenshot - Best Data Visualization Software for Mac

Customer complaint about Mac compatibility issues screenshot from Tableau website

Tableau Benefits

We’ve also covered a detailed overview of Tableau cons and pros.

  • Powerful data visualization: Tableau is known for its powerful data visualization capabilities, offering a wide range of charts, graphs, and maps.
  • Ease of use: Tableau is relatively easy to use, even for those with limited data visualization experience.
  • Integration with third-party tools: Tableau integrates seamlessly with various data sources and third-party tools.
  • Visual storytelling: Tableau interactive dashboards and storytelling features enhance data comprehension.

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4. QlikSense

Another mighty BI tool that serves a big part of the data visualization market. Even this software users can expect some issues using Mac.

Are there compatibility issues using QlikSense on Mac?

Yes, Macbook users can encounter slow data loading, a need for virtual machine, limited interactions on large dashboards, and perfomance issues in a shared environment using QlikSense.

  • Slow data loading: Loading large datasets into QlikSense can be slower on MacBooks compared to more powerful machines.
  • Need for the virtual machine: To use the QlikSense desktop version you need a Windows 64-bit version or virtual machine.
  • Limited interaction on large dashboards: Interactive dashboards with numerous visualizations on MacBooks may experience lag or unresponsiveness, especially on older or less powerful models.
  • Performance issues in shared environments: In shared environments with multiple users accessing QlikSense applications, performance bottlenecks can occur, particularly when working with large data sets or complex visualizations.
QlikSense compatibility with Mac users screenshot from their webpage

Response from QlikSense regarding Mac compatibility screenshot from their website

This software requires Window application if you don’t use cloud solution. To avoid issues make sure your app will run on Windows or simply choose different plan.

Qlik Sense Benefits

  • Rapid data discovery: QlikSense excels at rapid data discovery, allowing users to quickly explore and analyze large datasets to uncover insights. Its associative engine enables users to navigate relationships between data points without predefined queries.
  • Self-service data visualization: QlikSense empowers non-technical users to create interactive visualizations without extensive coding or programming knowledge. Its drag-and-drop interface and intuitive design facilitate self-service data exploration and storytelling.
  • Flexible scalability: QlikSense offers flexible scalability options to accommodate varying data volumes and user demands. It can scale from small teams to enterprise-wide deployments.

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5. Domo

This BI platform has been in the market for more than 10 years. Although, there are less Mac compatibility issues monitored, users still encounter some minor issues using Domo BI software.

Are there compatibility issues using Domo on Mac?

Yes, Mac users can experience performance issues, lag and latency in interactive elements using Domo BI platform.

  • Performance issues on certain MacBooks: Some MacBook models may experience performance limitations when running Domo, particularly older or less powerful machines.
  • Lag and latency in interactive elements: Interactive visualizations and dashboards on Domo may experience lag or latency on MacBooks, especially on older or less powerful models.
  • Connectivity dependency: Domo’s reliance on an internet connection can disrupt data access and analysis when internet connectivity is unstable or unavailable.

Domo Benefits

  • Cloud-based accessibility: Domo is a cloud-based data visualization platform, making it accessible from any device, including MacBooks.
  • Self-service data exploration: Domo empowers users, regardless of technical expertise, to explore and analyze data without extensive coding or programming knowledge. Although, set up can require advanced IT knowledge.
  • Integration with various data sources: Domo integrates seamlessly with a wide range of data sources, including cloud-based platforms, databases, and SaaS applications.

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Best Data Visualization Tools For Mac Comparison

SoftwareMac CompatibilityStrengthsWeaknessesCost
Ajelix BIWeb-basedEasy to use, drag-and-drop interface with AI featuresLess feature-rich compared to some competitorsFreemium, paid plans start at $20/month
Power BIRuns in web browser (may have limitations)Great for business intelligence (BI), integrates with Microsoft productsLimited offline functionalityFree version with limited features, paid plans start at $9.99/month per user
TableauNative Mac appExcellent for interactive charts and dashboardsSteeper learning curveFree trial, paid plans start at $70/month per user
QlikSenseNative Mac appStrong in self-service analytics with AI featuresCan be expensive for large teamsFree demo, paid plans start at $825/month
DomoWeb-basedPowerful for large datasets and enterprise deploymentsComplex setup and ongoing maintenanceContact for quote
Best data visualization tools for Mac comparison


Now, you should understand why it’s important to consider compatibility issues when considering data visualization software. Hope this article helped you review the compatibility issues between most popular BI platforms in the market.

To recap: When choosing BI software Mac users should review the compatibility to eliminate any issues in the future. This article summarized top problems each platform users can encounter.


What is the best data visualization software for Mac?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best data visualization software for Mac will depend on your specific needs and requirements. However, here are the most popular software’s: Ajelix BI, Power BI, Tableau, QlikSense, and Domo.

How do I choose the right data visualization software for Mac?

Here are the things to consider when choosing this software:
1. Check the compatibility with Mac
2. Make sure it aligns with your budget
3. Consider the features that are most important to you
4. Test the ease of use of the software
5. Check the scalability of the BI platform

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