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6 Best Zoho Analytics Alternatives and Competitors 2024

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    December 14, 2023
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    June 14, 2024
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6 Best zoho analytics alternatives and competitors for 2023

Just like any other platform Zoho Analytics has many advantages and disadvantages. This software is well known for its powerful features and team plans. Zoho BI solution offers professional-looking visualizations and analytics.

During this article, we will take a look at the best Zoho analytics alternatives that are available in the market.

6 Best Zoho Analytics Alternatives for 2024

  1. Ajelix BI
  2. Datapad
  3. Trevor
  4. Databox
  5. Klipfolio
  6. Datapine

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Zoho Analytics Overview

Zoho Analytics empowers businesses to seamlessly connect, prepare, analyze, and collaborate on data within a unified platform. With their business intelligence (BI) platform, you can effortlessly generate reports without the need for IT assistance.

Feature Overview

  • Choose to integrate data from various sources and well-known business applications.
  • Prepare and cleanse data prior to creating reports.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence for data analytics.
  • Collaborate and easily share reports with others.
  • Embed analytics into your applications using no-code solutions.
Zoho data analytics dashboard example

Zoho dashboard screenshot


  • Teams without technical expertise.
  • Individuals lacking proficiency in data analytics.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Analysts proficient in SQL.

Limitations & cons

  • Certain customers express the need for additional videos and resources to enhance the onboarding process.
  • While it can incur costs, it remains relatively accessible when compared to previous BI tools.
  • There is still a significant learning curve associated with the platform.
  • The user experience lacks sufficient intuitiveness, and certain reports may require the assistance of an IT specialist.
  • Embedded charts may experience delays in loading.
  • To fully leverage this platform, there is still a requirement to acquire proficiency in SQL.


Zoho’s pricing structure is divided into two segments: Cloud and On-Premise. The On-Premise plan, which consists of four different plans, is more expensive.

  1. The Basic plan is 30€ per month and includes 2 users and a capacity of 0.5 million rows.
  2. The Standard plan is 60€ per month and provides 5 users and a limit of 1 million rows.
  3. For the Premium plan, priced at 145€ per month, users can benefit from 15 user accounts and an allowance of 5 million rows.
  4. The Enterprise plan, which costs 575€ per month, offers extensive features with 50 user accounts and a capacity of 50 million rows.
Zoho analytics pricing

Zoho analytics pricing screenshot from

Top 6 Zoho Analytics Competitors & Alternatives

Let’s take a look at the Zoho analytics alternatives.

1. Ajelix BI

Ajelix BI stands out from the typical business intelligence tools found in the market. Designed for effortless user experience, this tool is crafted to facilitate swift and trouble-free report creation for everyone. Using a no-code editor, you can construct reports within minutes.

One of the significant benefits of this platform is its user-friendly nature, eliminating the need for complex setups or training sessions.

Ajelix BI dashboard screenshot - zoho analytics alternative and competitor

Ajelix BI dashboard report example


  • Utilize an intuitive no-code editor for swift and easy report construction. This editor allows you to customize chart appearances and seamlessly connect data with visuals.
  • No need for training sessions or complex setups; the platform is designed for instant report building upon registration, whether you choose the freemium or business plan.
  • Google Sheets integration with live data refresh.
  • Effortlessly share reports using links and passwords with convenient sharing settings.
  • Collaboration is seamless, allowing you to add editors to your report without complications.
  • The created reports are interactive, featuring applied filters for easier data-driven decision-making.
  • Enhance communication by adding comments to your charts for other users.
  • Leverage AI analytics to elucidate insights behind the charts.
  • Experience automatic report updates through data synchronization.
Ajelix BI editor view with stock price changes

Ajelix BI editor view. Press here to view the report live.


  • Individuals and solo entrepreneurs requiring rapid data-driven decision-making.
  • Small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Teams without technical expertise.
  • Excel users seeking more efficient report creation.


The pricing for the Ajelix data visualization platform is clear and simple:

  1. Sign up for the freemium option and experience the simplicity of report creation. In this plan, you can generate reports but are unable to save or share them; it is specifically intended for testing purposes.
  2. Opt for the Business plan to enjoy comprehensive access to editing, saving, and sharing features. Additionally, you’ll receive regular updates and live chat support. As an added benefit, you’ll gain access to over 20 AI tools—all of this is available for just 19.95$ per user per month.
Ajelix BI pricing plan NEW

Ajelix BI pricing plan. View the full pricing on

By selecting the Ajelix team, you’re endorsing individual developers dedicated to crafting impactful tools that enhance business effectiveness. With consistent updates and immediate support, you’ll derive greater long-term value.

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2. Datapad

The Dataset is a tool designed to foster a data-driven culture within small organizations and non-technical teams. Its user-friendly interface is crafted to enable even individuals with minimal technical expertise, making it accessible to various users.

Let’s explore the advantages and constraints that this tool presents.

Features and Benefits

  • No coding or intricate setups are required.
  • Access this through multiple pre-built integrations and data sources.
  • Choose from over a hundred pre-built KPI templates.
  • Share reports with others using public links.
  • Collaborate and add comments to data with colleagues.
  • Enjoy automated reports and scheduled reporting emails.
  • Utilize mobile applications.
Datapad dashboard with KPI's - zoho analytics alternative

Datapad report dashboard screenshot from

Ideal Users

  • Solo entrepreneurs and individuals who need few visualizations
  • Organizations with small amount of data

Datapad limitations & cons

  • A straightforward tool with limited customization options.
  • A modest number of data sources.

Pricing plan

Datapad offers a free trial and a single pricing plan, making it straightforward—unlimited features for just $19.90 per month.

Datapad pricing plan screenshot from website
Datapad pricing plan screenshot from

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3. Trevor

Quick setup, no requirement for SQL knowledge, and no-code embedded dashboards to empower your non-technical teams. Trevor is a BI platform designed to relieve your engineers. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this tool.

Benefits and Features

  • The BI platform caters to non-technical teams unfamiliar with SQL.
  • Creation of dashboards and visualization of data.
  • Option to set up data alerts.
  • A self-service platform equipped with a no-code editor.
  • No-code embedded dashboards designed for applications.
  • Quick setup.
  • Various workflows with the capability to transmit data to other applications.
  • Access to data sources from different applications.
Trevor BI dashboard
Trevor BI data dashboard screenshot from


  • Teams without technical expertise.
  • Small organizations with just a single data source.

Trevor Limitations & Cons

  • Manual data uploads via files are not supported; you can only connect with databases.
  • The options for data sources are restricted, and combining different databases is not possible.
  • Editing options are limited, making it challenging to align or resize elements uniformly. Visuals are also quite constrained.
  • There is limited information available about the company.


Trevor pricing is separated in three sections:

1. Free plan offering 3000 credits per month, encompassing all fundamental features.

Trevor free pricing plan
Trevor freemium plan screenshot from

2. The Pro plan is priced at $75 per month, providing 5000 credits. You should consider upgrading this plan when additional credits are required. Opting for this plan allows you to acquire extra credits, and at the end of the month, you’ll be billed for any credits used beyond the allotted amount. The more credits you require, the more advantageous this plan becomes.

3. The Plus plan is priced at $500 per month and encompasses unlimited users, single sign-on, a self-hosted option, and custom pricing.

Trevor pricing plans
Trevor Pro and Plus pricing plan screenshot from

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4. Datapine

Another BI platform utilized for data analytics. This platform demands a profound understanding of analytics and often necessitates IT assistance. Nevertheless, it is also viable to generate basic charts from your data.

Datapine pros

  • Reports with interactive features
  • Dashboards tailored to your preferences
  • Multilingual dashboard capability
  • Collaboration features for enhanced teamwork
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
Datapine BI platform editor

Datapine editor screenshot from


  • Incomplete documentation and absence of video guides
  • Limited functionality and incompatibility in mobile dashboard design
  • Short duration of the free trial with no freemium option
  • Necessitates assistance from an IT specialist and analytics for setup
  • Some functionalities may require proficiency in SQL

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5. Databox

The Databox platform provides comparable functionality to other tools. It is user-friendly, offers automated reporting, and provides the capability to create data dashboards.

Additionally, they provide numerous integrations and data sources for your reports. However, some customers have raised concerns about occasional bugs, noting that the solution is relatively new and lacks certain integrations and customization options.

Nevertheless, the freemium and paid plans offer excellent value in comparison to their respective prices.

Databox dashboard example
Databox data dashboard example screenshot from

Databox Features (Paid & Free)

  • Tracking metrics and business goals
  • Access to over 100 data sources
  • Collaboration capabilities with users and editors
  • Numerous dashboard examples for facilitating visualization creation
  • User-friendly data visualization features

Additional pricing plans can be found on the official Databax website. It’s worth noting that, in comparison to the tools mentioned above, this tool is among the more expensive options. Discover other databox alternatives further in this article.

Databox pricing screnshot
Databox pricing screenshot from

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6. Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a cloud-based application renowned for its impressive data visualization capabilities and a wide range of data connections. It excels in visualizing and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs). The platform supports real-time data collection and sharing, allowing users to create visualizations seamlessly, whether from spreadsheets or SQL queries, with access to over 100 data sources.

What Are Klipfolio Features?

  • Customize your individual metrics.
  • Connect data from over 100 sources.
  • Access pre-made data dashboards with live reporting.
  • Generate your own data feeds using SQL, among other methods.
  • Prepare your data prior to report creation.
  • Leverage data visualization tools.
  • Collaborate and easily share with others.
Klipfolio self service bi platform editor - zoho analytics alternative

Klipfolio editor view screenshot from klipfolio


  • Ideal for small to medium-sized companies.
  • Suitable for non-technical users.
  • Well-suited for basic to intermediate data analytics.

What Are Klipfolio Limitations & Cons?

  • Like other BI platforms, you may encounter delays and speed issues.
  • It lacks user interactivity features, such as drag-and-drop functionality.
  • The support/help documents are challenging to navigate and don’t always align with the actual product session.
  • Creating a backend dashboard can be a complex process.
  • Several users have highlighted that it can be overwhelming to create something beyond the pre-defined reports, as it requires prior knowledge and some technical skills.
  • You may require the assistance of an IT professional to set up and renew API connections.

What Is The Pricing For Klipfolio?

Klipfolio provide 4 pricing plans: Free, Go, Pro and Business.

  1. The free version has restrictions on user numbers, dashboards, and data sources, but it could be suitable for small businesses or those exploring its features. Additionally, there’s a 30-day trial for the Pro plan.
  2. The Pro version is available for $300 per month, providing flexibility to add more users, dashboards, datasets, and other features.
  3. The Business plan, priced at $800 per month, allows for flexible management of user count and datasets. Additionally, it incorporates a Custom service agreement and vendor assessment as supplementary features.
Klipfolio pricing plan - alternative to looker
Klipfolio pricing plan screenshot from

You can also customize the plan by adding individual license 30$ a month for each user.

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There are many alternatives to Zoho analytics. Each software is attributed with functionalities to cater different BI users. From advanced analytics to easy editing and visualization. Anyone who needs a software need to understand the benefits and cons behind the solution. There’s no one size fits all.


What are the top alternatives to Zoho Analytics in 2024?

Ajelix BI, Trevor, Klipfolio, Datapine, Databox and Datapad.

Are there any new entrants in the market challenging Zoho Analytics in 2024?

Yes, one of them is Ajelix BI launched on 2024 this tools is developing quickly.

Which Zoho Analytics alternative is best suited for small businesses?

Ajelix BI and Trevor are the best alternative for small business.

Ready to start creating reports with Ajelix BI?

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