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How to create a report on Ajelix BI?

It’s time to create reports. Please keep in mind that to create reports you first need to upload datasets which we covered in the previous guide. Now let’s take a look on how to successful create your first report with Ajelix.

There are 2 ways how to start report creation:

1. Create a report from datasets page where you just uploaded dataset. You will see button Create Report.

Create a report from datasets page
Screenshot from Ajelix datasets page with steps on how to create report

2. The other way to create a report is to go to Report section on the left pane. Once you’re there simply click Create new report.

Create a report from report section on Ajelix BI
Screenshot from Ajelix portal with steps on how to create report from reports page

No matter which option you choose you’ll end up on the same page.

Set up new report

Now you should be on the page Add new report where you’ll see 3 step process that you must complete to create a report. These steps are vital because you’ll:

  1. Give name to your report
  2. Connect dataset from which you’ll build the report
  3. Choose layout from our templates

Step 1: Give name to your report

This step is pretty straight-forward simply give name to your report.

Step 1: give name to your report
Screenshot from Ajelix BI

Step 2: Choose dataset to visualize

Next step is vital as it connects the report to your Excel or CSV file that you uploaded during the previous guide. Choose the file that you want to visualize. No worries you can later update the existing file by uploading new file with more information and report will be updated with fresh data.

Step 2 - add dataset with report
Screenshot from Ajelix BI with steps to add dataset to report

Step 3: Pick the template for your report

In this step you can pick the template or simply start from scratch. As of now we have only one template but we’ll add more layout for your convenience. Simply pick the template and click Create report.

What is a template? It’s a predefined layout with charts and matching colors so you can simply update the data in these charts and report will be ready for sharing.

Step 3 - choose template from which you want to build the report
Screenshot from Ajelix BI with template gallery

You should have last dialog box with button Edit Report. Click on it and editing can start! To learn more about editing settings and possibilities access next guide customize your first report.

Last step on creating report - click edit report to access report editing
Screenshot from Ajelix BI report editing

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