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How To Use MAX function in Excel Guide

What is MAX function in Excel?

The MAX function in Excel finds the largest value in a range of cells. You can use the function by specifying one or more values or cell references as arguments. The syntax for function is =MAX(number1,[number2],…).


The MAX function in Excel is a built-in function that is used to find the maximum value in a range of cells.

The function takes one or more arguments (values or cell references) and returns the largest value in the set.

In addition to the MAX formula, Excel also includes the MIN function which works in the same way but returns the smallest value in a range of cells.

The syntax of the MIN function is similar to the MAX formula: =MIN(number1,[number2],…) where number1, number2, etc., are the values or cell references that you want to find the minimum of.

You can include up to 255 arguments in the function.

Both the MAX and MIN functions are useful for finding the highest and lowest values in a range of cells. These functions can be used in various applications, such as finding the highest and lowest sales figures in a data set, identifying the highest and lowest temperatures in a given period, and so on.

By using these functions, you can quickly and easily identify the maximum and minimum values in a set of data without the need for manual sorting or filtering.


=MAX(number1, [number2], …)

How to use MAX function in your workbook:

MAX function MS Excel - Excel Formula Cheat Sheet
  1. Open the Excel spreadsheet containing the data that you want to use with the MAX formula.
  2. Select the cell where you want the result of your function to appear.
  3. Type =MAX( Select the range of cells containing the data you want to use in the MAX formula.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. The function will return the largest number in the chosen range of cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the MAX formula be used with dynamic ranges?

Yes, you can use the MAX formula with dynamic ranges. For example, you could use the formula =MAX(A1:INDEX(A:A,ROW())) to find the maximum value in column A up to the current row.

How does the MAX formula differ from the LARGE function?

The MAX formula returns the largest value in a range of cells, while the LARGE function returns the nth largest value in a range. For example, the formula “=LARGE(A1:A5,2)” would return the second largest value in the range A1:A5.

Can the MAX formula handle non-numeric values?

No, the MAX formula only works with numeric values. If you try to use the function with non-numeric values, it will return a #VALUE! error.

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