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MEDIAN function in Excel Explained

What is MEDIAN function in Excel?

The MEDIAN function in Excel finds the middle number of a given set of numbers by arranging the given numbers in numerical order and then selecting the number in the middle of the list. If there is an even number of numbers, the median is found by taking the average of the two middle numbers.


The Excel MEDIAN function calculates the median value, which is the middle value of a dataset when the values are arranged in numerical order.

The function is useful for determining the central tendency of the data since it is not affected by outliers or extreme values. You can use the function for data analytics when working with a large range of values.

For example, if you have a dataset with values ranging from 0 to 100, the median value will be the middle number in the range, which is 50.

Use the MEDIAN function to analyze data with a small number of values, such as a survey of 5-10 people. The Excel function is a powerful tool for analyzing data and determining the central tendency of a dataset. It can be used to calculate the median of a single dataset or multiple datasets and to analyze data with a large range of values.


=MEDIAN(number1, [number2], …)

Median function ms excel. Excel Formula Cheat Sheet - Ajelix

How to use MEDIAN function in your workbook:

  1. Open your Excel spreadsheet. Select the range of cells you want to calculate the median for.
  2. Click on the function button (usually located in the top right corner of the screen).
  3. Select the MEDIAN function from the list of available functions.
  4. Input the range of cells you want to calculate the median for in the function field provided.
  5. Click OK to generate the median result.
  6. The result will be shown in the cell you selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is median of a function?

The median of a function is the value of the independent variable that divides the area under the curve of the function into two equal parts. It is the value of the independent variable at the midpoint of the range of the function.

How to calculate mean in Excel?
  1. Select the cells containing the data you want to use to calculate the mean.
  2. Click the “Home” tab.
  3. Click the “AutoSum” button in the “Editing” group.
  4. Click the “Average” function.
  5. Press the “Enter” key. The mean will be calculated and displayed in the cell below the selection.

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