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How To Remove Excel Add-in

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    April 12, 2023
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    April 6, 2024
how to remove excel add-in

Excel add-ins can be incredibly helpful for increasing productivity and streamlining workflows. However, over time, these add-ins can accumulate and start to negatively impact spreadsheet performance. In this article, we’ll explore how to remove Excel add-in to help optimize your experience.

What is an Excel Add-in?

Excel add-ins are software components that add extra features and functionality to spreadsheets. These can be either built-in add-ins or third-party add-ins that are installed separately. Add-ins can range from simple tools for formatting or data manipulation to complex macros and programs that perform specialized functions.

While add-ins can be incredibly helpful, they can also slow down worksheet performance, especially if they are not being used regularly.

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How To Remove Excel Add-ins

The first step to optimizing your spreadsheet experience is to remove any add-ins that are no longer needed. To do this, you can follow these simple steps:

Time needed: 2 minutes

Remove Excel add-in

  1. Find the “File” tab

    Open Excel and click on the “File” tab
    click on the file tab

  2. Select “Options”

    Once you have the File tab open, click on “Options”
    options tab in excel - remove excel add-in from excel guide

  3. Select “Add-ins”

    Once you’ve clicked the “Options” pop-up window will show. Select “Excel Add-ins” and press “Go”.
    add-ins tab settings

  4. Uncheck add-ins you want to remove

    Now you have another pop-up window tab. Uncheck the box next to any add-ins that you want to remove and press OK.
    remove add-in tab - excel how to remove excel add-ins guide

  5. Restart the Excel if the add-in wasn’t removed immediately

Alternatively, you can use the add-in manager to remove add-ins in bulk or use third-party add-in management tools for more advanced features.

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How To Uninstall Excel Add-ins?

If you have determined that an add-in is no longer needed, it’s best to uninstall it completely to free up system resources. To uninstall an add-in, follow these steps:

1. Open Workbook and click on the “File” tab

2. Click on “Options” and select “Add-Ins”

3. In the “Manage” dropdown, select “COM Add-ins” and click “Go”

uninstall excel addin - settings - full guide

4. Uncheck the box next to any add-ins that you want to uninstall

uninstall com addins and uncheck

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5. Click “OK” and close Excel

6. Open the Windows Control Panel and select “Programs and Features”. To find the control panel simply type control panel in your search box on the left bottom corner.

open control panel to uninstall the addin

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7. Find the add-in you want to uninstall on the control panel. Right-click on your mouse and click “Uninstall”

Uninstall excel add-in on control panel

It’s important to note that there is a difference between removing and uninstalling an add-in. Removing an add-in simply disables it, while uninstalling an add-in removes it completely from your system, freeing up valuable resources.

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Removing and uninstalling Excel add-ins can go a long way in optimizing your Microsoft Excel experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that you’re only using the add-ins that are necessary, and freeing up valuable resources in the process. As a final tip, be sure to regularly evaluate your add-ins to ensure that you’re getting the most out of spreadsheets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can add-ins slow down Excel’s performance?

Yes, add-ins can slow down Excel’s performance, especially if you have many add-ins installed or if an add-in is poorly designed. Some add-ins run constantly in the background and consume system resources, which can slow down performance. Therefore, it is important to remove or uninstall any unwanted or unused add-ins to optimize performance.

How do I know if I have unwanted add-ins in Excel?

To know if you have unwanted add-ins in Excel, you can check the list of installed add-ins in the Add-Ins Manager. To access the Add-Ins Manager, go to the Excel Options menu, select Add-Ins, and then click on the Manage drop-down menu. From there, you can see the list of installed add-ins, and if you see any that you don’t recognize or don’t use, those may be unwanted add-ins that you can remove or uninstall.

What are the different types of add-ins in Excel?

Microsoft has three main types of add-ins:
– Excel Add-ins: These are the add-ins that are installed by default, such as Analysis ToolPak and Solver Add-in. These add-ins provide additional functionality to spreadsheets.
– COM Add-ins: These add-ins are developed using the Component Object Model (COM) and can be used by multiple Office programs and applications, not just Excel. Examples of COM add-ins include Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Colleague Import add-in.
– Automation Add-ins: These add-ins are used to extend the functionality of Excel by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros. Automation add-ins can be used to automate repetitive tasks, create custom functions, and add custom toolbar buttons.

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