How To Create Excel Template? Quick Guide

One of the best features of Excel is the ability to create custom templates. Excel templates can save you time and effort by providing a pre-built framework for your data entry and analysis tasks. In this article, we’ll show you how to create an Excel template that meets your specific needs.

What is Template in Excel?

A template in Excel is a pre-designed spreadsheet that can be used as a starting point for a new project or task. A template contains pre-defined settings, formatting, and formulas, and can help users to streamline their work.

Create Excel Template By Yourself

Step 1: Define your objective

The first step to creating an Excel template is to define your objective. What do you want the template to accomplish? Do you need to capture data? What calculations do you need to perform? By answering these questions, you can create a clear picture of the purpose of the template.

Step 2: Choose your data fields

Once you’ve defined your objective, it’s time to choose the data fields that you need to capture. These data fields can include things like customer name, date, product name, quantity, price, and so on. By identifying your data fields upfront, you can ensure that your template captures all the necessary information.

Step 3: Create Excel template layout

The next step is to create the layout of your template. This includes formatting the cells, adding borders, and designing the header and footer. You can also add any necessary instructions or guidance for the user. Keep in mind that your template should be easy to read and navigate, even for users who are not familiar with Excel.

Step 4: Add formulas and functions

Now it’s time to add formulas and functions to your template. These can include things like sum, average, count, and other calculations that are specific to your objective. By adding these functions, you can automate the process of calculating and analyzing your data.

Step 5: Save the template

Once you’ve created your template, it’s important to save it as a template file. To do this, simply click on “File” and then “Save As”.

Screenshot from Excel - save as

Choose “Excel Template” from the “Save as type” dropdown menu, and then give your template a name.

Save your excel file as an template - screenshot from settings

Save the template as Excel Template (*.xltx). This will ensure that your template is easily accessible and can be reused for future data entry and analysis tasks. When you want to start editing your saved templates just open Excel workbook and head to File -> New -> and you will see your saved templates above the Excel template gallery.

Use your saved Excel template - screenshot from excel

Step 6: Share the template

Finally, it’s time to share your template with others. You can do this by sending the template file via email or sharing it on a cloud-based platform like OneDrive or Google Drive. Sharing your template can help others to streamline their data entry and analysis tasks, and can also promote consistency across the organization.

Choose a Template from Excel Online Template Gallery

Excel offers a variety of pre-made templates that you can use for free. These templates are designed for a wide range of tasks and industries, including finance, marketing, project management, and more.

To access these templates, simply click on “File” and then “New”.

access excel template gallery to create excel template

From there, you can choose from a variety of templates that are organized by category. Some of the most popular templates include budget planners, expense reports, project timelines, and sales tracking sheets.

Excel template gallery - screenshot from excel

You can search for a specific template, choose from premade templates, and start using them for free. One of the advantages of using pre-made templates is that they can save you time and effort. Instead of creating a template from scratch, you can start with a template that has already been designed and tested by Excel experts. This can help you to get up and running quickly, without the need for extensive customization.

Generate Excel Template Automatically with AI

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant advancements, and Excel has also joined the trend by offering AI-powered tools to generate templates automatically. With this feature, users can simply type in the keywords related to their specific task or project, and the AI tool will automatically generate a custom Excel template. In the picture below you can see Ajelix dashboard Excel Template Generator where you can enter any keywords and generate an Excel template.

Generate excel files automatically with ai - screenshot from Ajelix

This AI-powered feature is not only easy to use but also extremely time-saving, especially for those who may not have the expertise to create their own custom templates. By simply entering a few keywords, users can generate an Excel template that fits their specific needs, and get started on their data entry and analysis tasks right away. Watch the video below and see the Excel template generator in action!

AI Excel Template Generator - Create Professional Templates - Open AI in Excel - Ajelix Excel Tools


In conclusion, creating an Excel template is a quick and easy way to streamline your data entry and analysis tasks. By following these steps, you can create a custom template that meets your specific needs and saves you time and effort. Whether you’re managing sales data, financial records, or project plans, Excel templates can help you to get the job done faster and more efficiently. So start creating your own templates today, and make the most of Excel’s powerful capabilities!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI generate Excel Templates Automatically?

Yes, there are AI tools that can generate Excel Templates automatically from your keywords. One of them is Ajelix Excel Template Generator.

Can I share my Excel Template with others?

Yes, you can send your created excel templates via email or the cloud.

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