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How to Make a Double Bar Graph in Excel

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    September 28, 2023
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    December 9, 2023
How to create a double bar graph in Excel? Step by step guides with screenshots and tutorials.

When it comes to visualizing data with precision and clarity, Excel is the go-to tool for many. In this guide, we will explore the art of creating a double bar graph in Excel, a versatile representation of data that allows you to compare two sets of information side by side.

What is a Double Bar Graph?

A double bar graph in Excel is a data visualization tool that presents and compares two sets of data side by side using a series of vertical bars. Each set of data is represented by its own set of bars, making it easy to visually compare values between the two data sets.

What is double graph in excel? definition and example

Screenshot of double bar graph in Excel. Image Credit: Ajelix

How To Create the Basic Bar Graph?

Creating a double bar graph in Excel is a dynamic way to visualize and compare data sets effectively. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll navigate through the process of crafting a double bar graph using the versatile tool, Excel.

1. Select Data for the First Bar Set

Identify and select the data you want to represent in the first set of bars on your graph. Excel allows you to choose a specific range effortlessly.

Choose the data for your basic bar graph

Screenshot from Excel with data for the bar graph. Image Credit: Ajelix

2. Insert the Initial Bar Chart

With your data selected, it’s time to insert the initial bar chart. Excel makes this step straightforward, and you’ll have your first set of bars ready in no time.

  1. Choose your data
  2. Go to the Excel toolbar and click the Insert section
  3. Pick Recommended Charts
  4. Choose clustered column or bar graph and click Ok
Insert bar graph from you data - how to create a double bar graph in excel

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3. Customize Bar Styles and Colors

To enhance the visual appeal and convey additional information, you can customize the style and color of your bars. This adds a personal touch to your graph, here’s how to change color to your graph:

  1. Active your chart
  2. Go to Excel toolbar and click Format
  3. Choose Shape Fill and pick the colors for your bars
How to change colors to your charts in excel graph

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How To Add the Second Set of Bars?

To incorporate the second set of bars, insert a secondary data series. This is where Excel’s power shines, as it allows you to seamlessly integrate the two data sets. To do that follow these steps:

Time needed: 1 minute

Add a second bar to your Excel bar chart

  1. Activate the chart

    Simply click on your chart to activate additional settings

  2. Access chart filtering settings

    Once you have activated the chart additional settings will pop up. Click on the filtering options and pick Select Data.
    Access filtering options for your bar chart

  3. Select Data Source

    Once you have accessed data source settings, click Add
    Select data source for your bar chart

  4. Choose data to visualize in your chart

    Pick the data you want to add to your bar chart in the small settings menu. Choose the label for your second data and insert it in the Series name field. Add values that should be displayed in the chart under the Series values field.
    How to add second bar values to your double chart

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Here’s a quick video summary of how to create a double bar graph:

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Fine-Tuning Your Double Bar Graph

Adjusting Axis Labels and Titles

To make your graph more informative, don’t forget to label your axes and provide a clear title. Excel offers easy ways to customize these elements.

Managing Data Gaps or Overlaps

Ensure your data is accurately represented by managing any gaps or overlaps between the bars. Excel’s precision tools make this task efficient.

Utilizing Data Labels for Clarity

For precise data interpretation, consider adding data labels to your bars. This visual aid can eliminate any ambiguity in your graph.

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Recap of Double Bar Graph Creation

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve walked through the process of creating a double bar graph in Excel, from the initial setup to the final touches.

The Power of Visual Data Representation in Excel

Never underestimate the power of visual data representation. Excel empowers you to present your data effectively, helping you make informed decisions and communicate your findings with clarity and impact.

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