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How to Insert a Clustered Column Pivot Chart in Excel

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    October 26, 2023
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    October 22, 2023
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In the ever-evolving landscape of data analysis, pivot charts stand as indispensable tools. This article delves into the intricacies of creating a pivotal visualization – the clustered column pivot chart.

What is a Pivot Chart?

A pivot chart is a dynamic graphical representation of data created from a pivot table in Excel. To create a pivot chart you first need to create a pivot table. Once you have all set up you can make calculations in the chart or change data in the pivot table. The chart will change automatically making reporting interactive.

What’s the difference between a Pivot Chart and a Standard chart?

A pivot chart is a graphical representation of data created from a pivot table, offering dynamic analysis capabilities. While a standard chart is a static chart that represents data directly from a worksheet.

What's the difference between pivot chart and basic chart in Excel?
Difference between pivot chart and standard chart in Excel. Image Credit: Ajelix

The key difference is the interactivity and flexibility offered by a pivot chart, making it easier to explore and summarize complex data compared to a standard chart. As you can see in the picture above pivot chart offers many filters and drop-downs so you can make calculations easier.

How To Insert a Clustered Column Pivot Chart?

Before you are trying to insert a pivot chart make sure you’ve created a pivot table, find the guide here. Once you have the pivot table, here’s how to add a clustered column pivot chart:

Time needed: 2 minutes

Add clustered column pivot chart in your Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Insert pivot table

    Simply choose your data table, go to Insert, and pick Pivot table. Confirm the data table and choose cells where you want to place the pivot table.
    Insert pivot table to make the clustered pivot chart, screenshot from excel

  2. Set up your Pivot Table

    Choose the calculations and values that should be visualized as rows or columns.

  3. Choose data for the Pivot chart

    Select the pivot table for your chart go to Insert and choose Pivot Chart.
    Insert clustered column pivot chart screenshot from Excel

  4. Pick the correct Pivot Chart

    Now you can pick any pivot chart style. To insert a clustered column graph go to column charts and pick the needed graph.
    Pick the column chart for data visualization

Author’s Note: You might also like data visualization principles for effective data storytelling. If you are an experienced Excel user you will find our guides useful and I strongly suggest trying out some of our tools such as AI data analytics and Excel formula generator.

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In closing, this article serves as your guide in the realm of clustered column pivot charts. It’s an encouragement to embrace the power of data visualization, unlocking the doors to deeper insights and enhanced data reporting in Excel. Your data, your story, your insights – visualize them with clarity.

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