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How To Explain Excel VBA Script with AI

Explain your Excel VBA Script in a fraction of the time with AI. Read the guidelines and learn how to use Ajelix AI VBA Script Explainer to manage your macros and spreadsheets efficiently.

How To Explain Excel VBA Script With AI.

Ajelix tutorials with step-by-step guidelines on how to explain Excel VBA Scripts with AI.
Explain Excel VBA Scripts with Ajelix Tools - how to explain vba scripts - AI Tools - Excel vba script explainer

With the Excel VBA Script Generator, you can create scripts in a fraction of the time! Using artificial intelligence, this tool will generate scripts based on your requirements. Learn more about Excel VBA Script Generator. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user this tool can help you improve your VBA coding skills.

Step 1. Insert your Excel VBA Script.

Copy your code in the “input” field.

Provide the VBA code that you would like to have explained. To begin, open the Excel workbook that contains the VBA code you would like to explain. Copy and paste it into the designated input field in our Script Explainer tool.

Ensure that you include all the relevant code, including any subroutines or functions that are called within the main script. It’s important that the code is accurate and complete to ensure the tool can provide a valid explanation. You can also import the code from an external file or copy it from any other source.

How to explain excel vba script with AI. Ajelix Tools - explain vba script with excel vba script explainer - ai tools

Screenshot from Ajelix Portal. Insert your script and receive a VBA Script Explanation from AI.

Step 2. Receive VBA Script Explanation.

Once you entered the code you will receive the AI’s explanation of the code you provided in step 1. The explanation will be displayed in an easy-to-understand format and will include information about the various elements of the code and how they interact with the spreadsheets.

You can use this information to better understand the code and how it works, which can be especially useful for beginners. If you’re learning the art of VBA you might find useful our blog about VBA programming. Once you have a good understanding of the code, you can then use it to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter, or even make changes to the code to customize it to your specific needs. This is especially helpful for advanced users.

The explanation generated by AI is saved in your history as well you can save it in your library, and access it later. You also have the option to share it with other users and make edits.

Explain Excel VBA Script with AI - Excel VBA Script Explainer - Ajelix Tools - AI Tools - get explanation - screenshot from portal

Screenshot from Ajelix Portal. Explain Excel VBA Scripts with AI and manage your spreadsheets.

In case you find any errors or inaccuracies in the explanation, you can report it to us and we will work with our AI to correct it. It’s important to note that the generated explanation will be based on the information you’ve provided, and the quality of the explanation will depend on the clarity and completeness of the code. In some cases, AI will suggest how to finish the code if it’s incomplete.

How much does it cost to explain Excel VBA Scripts?

Explain an unlimited count of Excel VBA Scripts as long as you subscribe. You can use 5 monthly requests for the VBA Script generator for free with a freemium plan. In order to generate more requests you’ll have to subscribe.

This tool is useful for advanced users as it allows you to get the needed automation quickly and easily, with the added benefit of the AI correcting itself over time with the help of the user’s reports. This tool can serve as a great learning tool also for beginners with Script Generator you can quickly master the art of VBA and macros. Our article an introduction to VBA programming in Excel will help you get started and discover macros possibilities.

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Explain Excel VBA Scripts with breeze. See our tool in action below.

Watch a tutorial and see our portal and Excel VBA Script Explainer in action. If you’re ready to try it out yourself then head to the portal and register for freemium.¬†

How To Explain VBA Script with Excel VBA Script Explainer - Ajelix

What Scripts Can AI Explain?

It doesn’t matter if the script is yours, generated or from the internet as long as it’s written in VBA language AI will be able to explain it to you.

  • Insert customized VBA scripts from your spreadsheets
    Include all the specifics as data ranges, files names, actions etc.
  • Copy scripts you found online
    Explain scripts you found online to make sure the script is correct and prevent bugs.

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