How To Use QUARTILE function in Excel With Examples

What is QUARTILE function in Excel?

The QUARTILE function in Excel is a statistical function that returns the quartile of a given set of data. It can be used to find the first, second, and third quartiles of a dataset, which represent the values that divide the data into quarters.


QUARTILE function in Excel is a statistical function used to calculate a data set’s quartile or 25th percentile. The quartile is a measure of the spread of a dataset and is the value where 25% of the data is below and 75% is above. The function is useful in analyzing the distribution of data and comparing datasets.

The QUARTILE formula has three arguments:

  • array, which is the range of cells containing the data to be analyzed;
  • quart, which is the quartile to be calculated;
  • exclusive, which is an optional argument that specifies whether to calculate the quartile using the exclusive method or the inclusive method.

The exclusive method returns the exact 25th percentile, while the inclusive method returns the midpoint between the 25th and 26th percentile. When using the QUARTILE formula, the array argument must be a range of cells, not a single cell. The quart argument can be any value from 0 to 4; 0 returns the minimum value of the dataset, 1 returns the lower quartile, 2 returns the median, 3 returns the upper quartile, and 4 returns the maximum value of the dataset.

You can use the function to compare datasets, analyze the distribution of data, and set thresholds. For example, the function can be used to set grade thresholds for students, determine the quartiles of a population, or compare two datasets.


=QUARTILE(array, quart)


The array is the range of cells or array of values that you want to calculate quartiles for Quart is the quartile value you want to calculate (1, 2, 3, or 4)

How to use QUARTILE function in your workbook:

Quartile function MS Excel - Excel Formula Cheat Sheet
  1. Open the Excel worksheet containing the data set you to wish to calculate Quartiles for.
  2. Select the range of data that you would like to calculate Quartiles for.
  3. Go to the Formulas tab, select More Functions, and then Statistical.
  4. Select Quartile from the list of functions.
  5. In the Quartile dialog box, enter the range of data that you selected in step 2.
  6. Select the desired Quartile value from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click OK to calculate the Quartile.
  8. The Quartile value will be displayed in the cell you selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the QUARTILE function handle arrays or ranges of values?

Yes, the QUARTILE function can handle arrays or ranges of values in Excel. You can specify the range of values in the function’s arguments or select the range directly on the worksheet. The function will return the quartile value(s) for the specified range or array of values.

What happens if the QUARTILE formula cannot calculate a quartile value?
If the QUARTILE function cannot calculate a quartile value, it will return the #NUM! error. This can happen if the quartile argument is not between 0 and 4, or if there are not enough values in the data set to calculate the specified quartile. It can also occur if there are non-numeric values in the data set.

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