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Podfy AI

About Podfy

The Podfy AI tool is a revolutionary podcasting platform that streamlines the podcast creation process. With just a single click, users can access a myriad of features, including automated transcription, show notes generation, timestamps, tweets, quotes, and newsletters. Whether it’s an RSS feed, YouTube channel, or audio file, Podfy seamlessly extracts relevant content. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the entire podcast creation experience. Moreover, the AI capabilities allow users to customize the tone, speech, and spelling of their content, ensuring a polished and personalized outcome.

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    9.90$ per month

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Podfy AI tool for podcasters


  • Summarize the main topics covered in your episode and make it more searchable
  • Generate 5 tweets about your episode’s key points
  • Post about your episode everywhere and get new listeners
  • Direct listeners to particular segments of the episode
  • Generate the full transcription of your episode
  • Get yours and guests quotes
  • Keep your listeners up to date with new episodes
  • Get the links & mentions of your episode with the exact timestamp

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