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About this tool

Trimmr, an AI-powered application, assists content creators and marketers in transforming lengthy videos into shareable clips effortlessly. By automatically identifying the most captivating and relevant segments of a video, Trimmr streamlines the process. Its highly customizable editor, equipped with advanced editing features, empowers users to maintain complete creative authority over their output. With Trimmr’s capabilities, users can swiftly craft viral videos tailored for platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Pinterest, thereby reducing their time and effort investment significantly.

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    19$ per month

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Trimmr tool


  • AI-powered assistance for segmenting and captioning videos.
  • Export multiple shorts from a single video effortlessly.
  • Preview sample clips within minutes.
  • Access advanced editing features.
  • Utilize animated subtitles for enhanced visuals.

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