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Ajelix Insights: Why Business Intelligence Has Become Overwhelming?

Ajelix BI for SME's

The market is flooded with business intelligence (BI) tools that analyze and turn raw data into actionable insights. However, a vast proportion, up to 74%, of workers feel overwhelmed when dealing with data, according to Marketsplash research results.

Ideally, users should have a user-friendly dashboard with the ability to create reports in minutes without any special training. “You have the Excel file with data, you upload it and start creating reports now,” explained Ajelix founders. Simplicity combined with data-driven decisions in reporting is the vision they strive for when launching their BI platform.

“Most BI platforms are designed with complex setups and hard-to-digest user experience. If you don’t have a data analyst in your company then creating these reports can become a nightmare and not all organizations can afford to hire them,” says Agnese co-founder and COO at Ajelix. In return, employees secretly use good old Excel for storing data and creating reports, the survey shows.

Graph showing how many data workers feel overwhelmed by data work

Survey data from Marketsplash research. Image Credits: Graph created with Ajelix BI.

With more than 10 years of experience in spreadsheet automation, “We can see that small to medium businesses (SMEs) rely on Excel for managing daily activities. Excel is familiar and easy to use. Additionally, SMEs often find it challenging to invest in expensive systems or hire analysts to create reports,” explains Arturs co-founder and CEO of Ajelix.

“When we began acquiring users for our AI tools, we wanted to track sign-ups and subscriptions. So, Arturs, our full-stack developer, quickly set up a popular BI platform for our business data – it was a breeze for him due to his spreadsheet and BI tool expertise. Whenever the marketing team needed a report, they’d turn to him, but with the full-stack workload, things often got delayed. As a result, the marketing team began crafting reports in Excel,” remembers Agnese.

That’s when they started to create a BI platform, “Our main goal was to ease access to data visualization tools. Do you need the report now? Here you have it! Busy founders need data to make smart decisions TODAY! Not tomorrow or after 15 minutes. NOW. So we created a business intelligence tool that is not only intelligent but simple enough to use for everyone.” 

data visualization tool - ajelix BI

Ajelix BI report preview. Image Credits: Ajelix

With a friendly user experience, businesses can create professional-looking reports from data files quickly and get AI insights from their data. “BI tools are designed for complex datasets and big data. However, we’re forgetting about solo entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners who want to understand their data as efficiently as possible with the resources they have. For that, they shouldn’t have the need to hire analysts but an easy-to-use tool that helps them convert data into decisions.“

BI and Visualization Tools: Your Path to Data-Driven Decision Making -Tutorial by Ajelix
BI and Visualization tools: Your path to data-driven decision making – tutorial by Ajelix

About Ajelix

Ajelix was first heard in 2022 when two founders from Latvia launched AI spreadsheet tools that reached more than 70,000 active users. The team has more than 10 years of experience with development and now they focus on creating spreadsheet tools that deliver value for customers around the globe.

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