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Ajelix Excel Formula Generator is the most advanced tool for formula generation providing high AI precision and precise formula output. Our Formula Bot is well-known in the market and has helped thousands of people work faster on spreadsheets.

Input your text and our AI will generate a ready-to-use Excel formula for free. 

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What is Excel Formula Generator? It’s an AI-powered tool developed to create Excel formulas automatically. The main goal is to ease the formula writing for excel users. Just insert your requirements in your native language and AI will generate a ready-to-use formula for your spreadsheets. 

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Benefits of Excel Formula Generator

Try out Excel Formula Bot and generate advanced spreadsheet formulas in seconds. Describe what you need in your native language and get the formula in seconds!

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Correct Syntax with Excel Formula Generator

Work with ease! Is the formula not working? Excel Formula Generator will transform your text into a formula with the correct brackets, semicolons, and commas for you.

Receive direction from ai - generate excel formula - ajelix tools

Receive Direction from Excel Formula Generator

Excel Formula Generator will create different formula variations that you can use to create the end formula solution for your problem.

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Save Formula for Later in Excel Formula Library

Generate an unlimited count of formulas and save them for later! Don’t waste time searching for the right formula that you used in “that sheet last year” instead open your saved formula library and use it!

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Generate Excel Formula From Any Device with Excel Formula Bot

Access and generate formulas from every device. Thanks to the customer dashboard you can access your formula library from different places and devices.

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Collaborate with your spreadsheet formulas from our user-friendly dashboard

Helping colleagues has never been that easy – share your formula library with your colleagues in a fraction of the time. 

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Improve Efficiency With Excel Formula Generator & Bot

Don’t waste time surfing the internet to find the right formula – Ajelix Assistant will generate a ready-to-use formula in just a few seconds.

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Use Your Native Language To Generate Formulas with Excel Formula Bot

AI can understand you in every language! Explain formula requirements in your native language and receive an Excel formula.

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Save Time with Excel Formula Generator

Instead of asking for a formula from your colleague – ask Ajelix Assistant! Describe what you need and AI will generate an Excel Formula in just a few clicks.

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Get Useful FAQ’s for each generated formula

Our Formula Bot will provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the formula you generated. Take a look at the example below!

Common mistakes made by excel users

Receive the most common mistakes that led to formula errors and avoid them

We will provide the common mistakes that Excel users make when using the specific formula on their sheet. Try the tool yourself to understand how it works.

Write Formulas Automatically with AI Excel Formula Generator!

Get more done with Ajelix Formula Generator—create formulas faster and with more accuracy than ever before! Excel formula Bot by Ajelix is the most powerful Spreadsheet Assistant developed for your productivity.

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Describe What Excel Formula Generator Should Do

Write your Excel or Google Sheets formula requirements in plain English or your native language.


Get Excel or Google Sheets Formula From AI

AI Excel Formula Bot will generate formulas that you can save in your library, insert in your spreadsheet or share with others.

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All Excel and Google Sheets Requests in one place!

How does AI Excel Formula Generator work?

Create Formulas Automatically in Customer Dashboard

Understand and generate formulas in a few clicks with Excel Formula Bot. Access your data anywhere–the customer dashboard is user-friendly and easily navigable. You can save formulas, track requests, and access expert consultations. 

Take a look inside in our Customer Dashboard!

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Create and explain formulas in your spreadsheets with Excel Add-in

Excel add-in is designed to save time and help you work more efficiently on your spreadsheet. You can easily access and manage your data in one place. Try Excel Formula Bot in your spreadsheets to generate Excel formulas automatically with the help of AI.

Curious how Excel Add-in works? See how you can use it!

Ajelix AI Excel Assistant - Excel add-in

Generate Excel Formula in 2 steps with Handy Excel add-in.


Write formula instructions for Formula Bot

Excel Formula Generator - Ajelix - Excel Add-in


Recieve an Excel Formula to insert in your sheet

Excel Formula Generator - Excel Add-in


Save your formulas for later use with our formula library. Name your formula, write a description, and share formulas with colleagues.

Use Cases for Excel Formula Generator

  • Small Business Owners - Use Case - Ajelix - Excel formula generator

    Small business owners

    Create formulas automatically to manage your business data more efficiently with Excel Formula Bot.

    Excel Formula Generator helps Small Business Owners quickly and easily create complex formulas and calculations for spreadsheets. Automatically calculate the total cost of your inventory, quickly create formulas for common calculations such as percentages, interest rates, and discounts, and generate complex formulas such as net profit calculations.

    Here are a few examples of how Small Business Owners use Excel formula generator:

    • Calculate the total cost of the inventory automatically. Just ask AI Assistant to generate a formula to calculate the total cost of inventory.
    • Do calculations for the net profit of your business. An Excel Formula Generator can quickly generate a formula that takes into account factors such as revenue, expenses, and taxes. This is much faster than manually creating each formula, and it reduces the risk of errors.
    • Save time and reduce errors. Don’t struggle with formula syntax or trying to figure out the right formula for your needs. Explain what you need and AI will give you a formula.
  • Data analytics Use case - Ajelix generate excel formula

    Data Analytics Experts

    Improve your data analytics expertise and work smarter with AI.

    As a Data Analytics Expert, the need to quickly and accurately generate complex Excel formulas is essential. To meet this requirement, AI Excel Formula Generator is adopted for data experts to generate the formulas they need in a fraction of the time. Enhance your efficiency and focus on more complex tasks.

    Here are a few ways how Data Analytics Experts use Excel Formula Bot:

    • Quickly generate complex formulas to analyze large datasets.
    • Generate formulas for common calculations such as average, median, and standard deviation.
    • Build complex forecasting and trend analysis formulas.
    • Create custom formulas for use in pivot tables and other data visualization tools.
    • Compile multiple related formulas into one formula, reduce analysis time and improve accuracy.
  • Use Case Ajelix - Real Estate Agents - generate Excel formula

    Real Estate Agents

    Create complex formulas to manage real estate spreadsheets and data efficiently.

    Real estate agents can use Excel Formula Generator to easily create complex formulas that would take significantly more time and effort to create manually. Excel Formula Generator makes it easy to work with large amounts of data and generate complex formulas.

    Examples of how Real Estate Agents use Excel Formula Generator:

    • Calculate commission based on a property’s sale price.
    • Create a calculation for the estimated taxes due on a property.
    • The calculation for the return on investment for a rental property.
    • To make a calculation for the cost of repairs for a property.
  • Use Case - Ajelix - Managers - generate excel formula


    Improve your personal productivity and reduce time spent on spreadsheets.

    Managers can leverage an Excel formula generator to create complex formulas, perform financial calculations, statistical analysis and more. In addition to saving time, the generator can help you to generate custom formulas for specific tasks and troubleshoot existing formulas, enabling you to make more informed decisions and optimize workflows.

    You can use Excel Formula Bot to quickly generate different formulas:

    • Total sales for a given period. Forecast future sales performance.
    • Calculate the average customer satisfaction rating.
    • The total cost of project implementation.
    • Calculate the return on investment (ROI) for a given project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Excel Formula Generator cost?

You can use 5 monthly requests for free with Ajelix. Or subscribe for only 5.95$ to get unlimited access. 

How does Excel Formula Generator work?

Write your text in plain English or your native language and AI will generate an Excel formula for you.

How to generate Excel Formula with AI Excel Formula Bot?

Read how our bot works and what are the best practices for formula generation with our guide.

Does Ajelix Excel Formula Bot provides free plan?

Yes, you can use 5 requests per month for free. To get more requests you’ll have to subscribe.

How many tools does Ajelix subscription includes?

By subscribing you’ll get more than 15 AI spreadsheet tools.

What is Excel Formula Bot?

It’s an AI-powered tool developed to facilitate excel formula writing so you don’t have to spend hours figuring out the correct syntax. With a formula bot you can write formulas 10X faster–just insert your text in the native language and AI will generate a formula for you.

Ajelix helps 3000+ people like you understand and generate formulas 10X faster.

Access Ajelix AI Tools

Ajelix Excel Formula Generator is an efficiency booster for everyone.

Ajelix Excel Formula Bot is an artificial intelligence tool that helps everyone work faster with Excel and Google Sheets formulas. Stop searching for formulas or help from colleagues–just ask Ajelix Assistant.


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