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About PromptDrive

Introducing PromptDrive, the ultimate prompt management tool designed to enhance organization, productivity, and collaboration. With an array of powerful features, PromptDrive empowers users to efficiently manage prompts. Users can effortlessly create and save prompts alongside contextual notes, ensuring a clear understanding of each prompt’s purpose. The convenient Chrome extension enables prompt saving from any location with ease. Executing prompts becomes a breeze, thanks to the quick copy and execution functionality. Sharing prompts with others is simple and seamless. Additionally, users can organize prompts efficiently using folders and tags. Best of all, PromptDrive is completely free and compatible with ChatGPT, Bard, and Midjourney, providing a unified experience across various platforms.

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    5$ per month

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Promtdrive AI for prompt management


  • Create prompts and add notes for context
  • Right-click & save prompts from anywhere
  • Copy and execute prompts with a few clicks
  • Share prompts with anyone
  • Organize prompts with folders and tags
  • Prompt faster with our Chrome extension
  • Prompt even faster with variables

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