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Small business owners

No complex setups or database integrations. Simply upload your spreadsheet files and create dashboards to share with colleagues.

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Non-technical teams

Create sharable reports without IT teams assistance. Using Ajelix BI is simple and doesn’t require data analytics or coding knowledge.

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Mac & Windows users

Build, analyze, edit & share your dashboards online. Our platform is created thinking about our users and different devices they use. 

Self-service BI for fast & pain-free reports

Need a report? Upload file, build a report, customize, and share—no more delayed reporting tasks stuck with developers.

The main goal is to ease the data visualization tasks for you. Do you need a report now? Upload files and generate dashboards with AI. It’s that simple.

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Data preparation for more advanced analytics

Transform your messy data into concise and clean data—ready for analytics. Format or change the data structure, transform, and filter using functions.

Create more advanced visualizations from different data sources and manage all your files in one place. Merge and connect data, set up relationships, and create new tables.

Set up your business metrics and calculate KPIs from different data sources using SQL functions.

AI dashboard generator & Conversational analytics

Stuck with reporting tasks? No problem. AI can help you tackle these tasks. Chat about your data with AI, auto-generate dashboards, and get contextual insights and reports.

generate charts with AI chart generator

Data visualization made fast & easy for busy people

From data to report in one minute or less. Leverage AI and reveal smarter insights from your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide Excel Formula Generator?

Yes, our Standard plan includes access to Excel formula generator which gives unlimited formulas and an Excel Add-in.

What is Microsoft Excel AI Automation?

It’s a new and more efficient way to work in spreadsheets. You can use different AI-powered tools that ease the use of excel and can automate different tasks. AI Automation includes automatic VBA code writing from your text that can significantly increase productivity. Based on our customer experience AI automation can speed-up daily task execution by up to 50%.

How does Excel AI work?

You can use AI in Excel with AI-powered tools. Different tools are available in the market from data analytics to AI formula generator. Pick the one you like the most and start working with AI in Excel.

Which AI tool for Excel is the most precise?

Based on the customer survey Ajelix tools for excel spreadsheets are the most precise compared to other tools available in the market. 

What are the benefits of AI tools in Excel?

AI tools let you complete tasks and reduce problem-solving time by 50%. These tools can perform specific tasks automatically, for example, transform your text into an excel formula.

Is There An Excel AI Extension?

Yes, Ajelix offers Excel add-ins or plugins for AI extension functionality in your spreadsheets. Some AI Excel features include ai formula writer, ai data analytics, spreadsheet translations, and other functionalities.

What exactly Ajelix provides? AI tools or BI platform?

Ajelix started off with AI Tools for spreadsheet users. Once we grew bigger we launched data visualization platform. Now our users have access to both tools in one platform.