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  • Translate Text into VBA Script

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  • Collaborate Formulas and Scripts

  • Translate Excel Data in your Sheet

  • Excel AI Formula Maker

  • Generate Quotes

  • Turn your text into formula

  • Ask “how to” questions

  • Use Excel Formula Bot

  • Translate Excel AI files in 28 languages

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Microsoft Excel AI Automation?

It’s a new and more efficient way to work in spreadsheets. You can use different AI-powered tools that ease the use of excel and can automate different tasks. AI Automation includes automatic VBA code writing from your text that can significantly increase productivity. Based on our customer experience AI automation can speed-up daily task execution by up to 50%.

How does Excel AI work?

You can use AI in Excel with AI-powered tools. Different tools are available in the market from data analytics to AI formula generator. Pick the one you like the most and start working with AI in Excel.

Which AI tool for Excel is the most precise?

Based on the customer survey Ajelix tools for excel spreadsheets are the most precise compared to other tools available in the market. 

What are the benefits of AI tools in Excel?

AI tools let you complete tasks and reduce problem-solving time by 50%. These tools can perform specific tasks automatically, for example, transform your text into an excel formula.

What is Excel Formula Bot?
What is Excel Formula Bot? Ajelix

Excel Formula Bot generates excel formulas from your text so you don’t have to spend hours figuring out the correct syntax. With a formula bot you can write formulas 10X faster–just insert your text in the native language and AI will generate a formula for you.

What is Excel Formula Generator?

Formula generator is an AI-powered tool that generates Excel and Google Sheets formulas from your text. You can insert text in your native language and Ajelix generator will create a ready-to-use formula.

Is There An Excel AI Extension?

Yes, Ajelix offers Excel add-ins or plugins for AI extension functionality in your spreadsheets. Some AI Excel features include ai formula writer, ai data analytics, spreadsheet translations, and other functionalities.